If making a career by earning commissions on a deal that closes interests you – then odds are you enjoy being a real estate agent. The business networking, the relationships that you establish along the way, the excitement of helping someone find exactly what they are looking for in a home. This should really sum up why you do what you do – to help others find homes – to help others bring top value for their homes – and get paid for your time and work once the deal is closed.

The first step for any real estate agent that moves from one deal to the next is simply that. Who needs my help now? This comes from generating qualified leads. Letting others know what you do and what properties you have available for them to purchase. Getting the information to them to help them make a decision is what a Real Estate Blog is designed to do.

Perhaps you already have a website and in your mind “It’s doing fine”. Here is something you should consider. If you aren’t actively providing your prospects with the most up to date information available then chances are you spend most of your face to face time answering questions when your Real Estate Blog could be doing that for you.