One of the areas in the country that seemed immune to fluctuations in home sales is finally being affected by the recent slowdown. The bay area in Northern California saw decreases in sales of 20% in August. The same thing is going on there as is happening throughout the country. Sellers are offering homes at unrealistic prices and trying to cash out at the peak of the market. Buyers, on the other hand are adopting a wait and see strategy. They will no longer jump on any available property unless they are looking at a realistic asking price.

The question this poses for local realtors is how to find those buyers, and how to provide exceptional service in helping buyers find a property at the right price? Buyers are able to pick and choose and do more research. This applies to the home they are looking to buy, but also to the realtor they are looking to work with. It is the realtor who embraces new marketing avenues like realtor blogs, RSS and Podcasting who will get the business.