Orlando Builder Show

On the heels of a much publicized report on global warming due to a build up of CO2 in the atmosphere, exhibitors at the 63rd annual International Builders Show held in Orlando this week have responded with a wide array of innovative solutions for builders and home owners.

It appears that eco friendly construction will continue to be the buzz word for years to come . I had the opportunity to talk with Robert Porter, Travis Reed and Scotty Goodsell of industry leader BioBased Insulation , a spray foam insulation systems provider. According to BioBased , homeowners using this soy-based polyurethane spray foam insulation can not only save on heating and cooling cost but also do their part to protect the environment . For every 1 lb of soy-based spray in place insulation used , CO2 emmissions are reduced by 5lbs. Wow !

Lets see, energy efficient , environmentally responsible , healthy , durable and comfortable …what’s not to love …almost sounds like a Boy Scout !