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The 2008 National Association of Realtors (NAR) Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers provides evidence that within the last year interested buyers who find a home ON THE INTERNET took action. With 87% of home buyers looking online for their next home to purchase in 2008, one can only imagine what the 2009 NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers will release. A total of 35% of purchasers drove by the home after finding it online, with 29% walking though the home. Apparent by now, internet marketing is a tool that is and will be playing a much bigger role in real estate advertising than ever before. Simply put, it cannot be ignored in such a competitive industry as real estate.  Breaking this down one more level, it is widely known that web surfers use search engines 85% of the time to find websites.  The R/E industry could be an exception with flagship properties like,, etc — but in local market searches, you can bet there is great opportunities for agents and their agencies to rank well in organic search — or in the always expensive PPC listings.

Internet marketing is progressively pushing more real estate professionals to put their face & personality online. Utilizing tools such as blogs, social media networks, and optimizing their websites to increase traffic, professionals are able to draw in these savvy internet, decision-driven home buyers of today. Effective real estate professionals ultimately do not have time to understand the “ins & outs” of online marketing. Triangle Direct Media combines new media marketing expertise and strategies to give real estate professionals a face online and in turn, increase their search engine rankings. With these solid blog marketing strategies our real estate clients have seen vast improvement in their rankings, helping them get ahead of the curve with the use of internet marketing.

The Real Estate market has been seeing an increase in supply with a decrease in demand, making the business more and more competitive. While the economy is down, agents need to focus on marketing themselves rather than their properties. It is important for agents to use this time to maintain a connection with their clients and community, as many are not currently looking to buy. Fortunately, social media marketing strategies help real estate agents effectively communicate with their network and gain a high-touch competitive advantage. By having an active online presence you are automatically having a foot forward compared to your competition. They say that “location, location, location” is important when finding that perfect property to call your next home, well location is just as important on the Internet and in a local online market. CNET News reported the time that people spend on social networking sites is up 83% from a year ago.  By having an absence in social networks, you miss out on new opportunities and potential leads for now and in the future.

By using blogs and niche social networking sites, agents can actively communicate back and forth about key topics in their industry and local markets.  Not only will this give your name more prominence to a larger number of connections, but it will also create a sense of trust and credibility  for current and potential clients. This is an easy way to share information, history, and your expertise about the areas in your market, homes you sell, or even common FAQ’s of customers.  Don’t be afraid to talk about yourself either.  Putting a personal touch in every post and keeping it in a conversational tone, rather than your business lingo, is important. Introduce yourself in these networks and talk about how you became a real estate agent, or even what your other passions are. There is no better time than now to be online promoting yourself and your business. Use this opportunity to engage your readers on a personal level and build a sense of reliance so that when they do want to buy a new home they’ll remember you, just as other Triangle Direct Media clients do.

In follow up from a previous post on how Twitter trends are tapping into real estate, I gathered more useful information for real estate agents due to inspiration from Mark’s comment. As discussed, Twitter is evidently useful and beneficial to the real estate industry. A new, free Twitter application, called TweetLister, allows you to create, post, manage, and schedule commercial, residential, and vacation listings on Twitter. Real estate agents and owners can even track the clicks on their listings. Once viewing tracked clicks, you can then download and print the clicks for each listing for reference. TweetLister provides a detail page for each listing giving the viewer more information that can link them through to your site, as well as providing a contact form so that anyone interested.

From selling properties to renting and leasing, TweetLister provides a simple and handy way to manage all of your listings at once. Allowing you to post and re-use as many listings as desired, TweetLister permits you the ability to schedule frequency of posting a certain listing for a set period of time or even daily until your listing sells. If you have Twitter already, you can use your existing account to get started. TweetLister is just another new media marketing tool that has remarkable potential to benefit real estate companies.

It is key to understand the audience who will be reading the content of your real estate blog. Blogs are a place to connect with readers on a personal level. Since your targeted readers are current or potential customers, you should talk to them as you do your closest friends. You want to put the industry jargon aside, and connect with them through a conversational tone they can understand.

Draw readers to your posts by getting them involved not only on a personal level, but an emotional one as well. Engage readers by answering common questions buyers have, or explaining why reading a certain article will benefit them. By reminding readers the benefits of your blog it will give them a purpose to continue reading other posts. It is also ideal to end posts with a call to action, such as leading readers to your RSS subscription page, or even back to your website where they can search for a new home or contact you via email about selling their own home.

Creating good quality content not only provides quality information to other bloggers, but benefits your real estate business as well (buyers and seller alike). By incorporating keywords that link out to other resource sites and your own business site, you can help to increase your search engine rankings. You want these backlinks attached to top keywords you want to be searchable by. It is also beneficial to link back to other article posts you have created that might add value to the topic you are blogging about. Doing this will give you a greater chance for readers to read more than just one post on your blog, keeping visitors on your site longer.

Many associate Twitter with the common phrase, “What are you doing?” but real estate professionals and industry leaders are giving Twitter a new purpose. As a free social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time, Twitter can help build your business. A simple, easy and effective approach to increase traffic, just as blogging is. Even better, it can even benefit your real estate blog. By joining twitter, you’ll come to know many members of your community, as they will also get to know you. Twitter tightens communities, builds friends, and deepens relationships through your followers.

In any business, friends are more likely to refer you than are “clients”. Make your clients your “friends” and create a twitter account especially for your current and potential clients. You can post new listings, updates, pictures, video tours, and even link to your real estate blog posts. Using twitter as a 24/7 marketing tool can help you get sales and build rapport with your clients. Connect with your local community through your twitter account to give them the information they want. Have a separate account to connect with real estate industry professionals. Share expertise thoughts, ideas, updates, promotions, and links to helpful blog posts.

Twitterfeed allows you to feed your blog to twitter, also letting you customize how often you want posts. Just like in blogging, you can even include keywords you want to be found for in Twitter. Search.twitter is a feature that allows users to search tweets that people write. To get followers, keyword optimization is key. Once you get followers, you attract more business. Allowing up to 140 characters, Twitter will connect you to 20,000+ people around the world.

You might ask, will I sell a house through Twitter or get a prospective seller to list with me using this thing? The root of all real business comes from making connections, and what better way with real estate than to connect with your local community? Not only that, but you can get followers from almost anywhere. If you send out a tweet linked to a new listing, you have the potential of picking up a buyer or seller. The relationship building, both realtor and otherwise, has a lot of potential. You can put twitter on your web site, your blog, almost any site to attract more traffic to your content and build business. Twitter is just one of many valuable new media marketing and social media tools available to realtors at very cost-effective prices. It just takes dedication, effort and sincerity to become a powerful lead generation tool for your real estate business.

I’m thinking that I’ll be found for the title of my article pretty soon on all search engines. How? By making sure that my blog is optimized and making sure that my content syndicates to news sources and blog sources online. It’s no secret that a good well-thought out blog can lead to many sales leads for realtors. By simply learning the principles that Real Estate Blog Marketing teaches, you’ll be up and running in no time. The more you put in to your blog the more you’ll get out of it. We make it sound simple at times and sometimes it is. If you want to get started with a blog that will help you tap into more real estate leads….contact one of our representatives today.

When we started our company back in March of 2006, most of our time was devoted to helping and teaching real estate agents how to blog. The time factor was always an issue because most realtors work all the time. If you have a half hour per week to devote to “attracting” potential buyers or home seekers there truly is no other way to market yourself. I had one realtor that wanted to be ranked on the search engines for a particular subdivision. This was a pre-construction subdivision with homes starting at 700K on up. We taught her how to blog about it…”hey, I can’t reveal our secrets in this article” and she secured 2 lots that totaled over 2 million dollars. She wrote two articles on the subdivision and a couple of buyers did a search after driving buy and found her blog articles. So if you’re a real estate agent and claim you don’t have time, I suggest that you try harder. Your commission depends on it.

I often field calls from realtors asking me if there’s more ways to gain additional traffic to their blog. Over a year ago when we started our company we wanted to make sure that all of our clients knew everything there is to know about blogging. Last year corporate blogging wasn’t big to realtors but now it’s becoming a necessity to have one. Let me offer you a few tips followed by a short story about a blog that I’ve been watching.

1. If you haven’t subscribed to my blog log or blog catalog do so now. It’s a great blogging community and a great way to gain additional exposure to your blog.
2. Learn more about your market and what your area has to offer. You’re posts will be found on all blog engines and it’s a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your area by showing people that you know what your talking about!
3. Read other blogs, check out news headlines and state your opinion. The wonderful thing about having a blog is stating you views on various topics.
4. Link to other blogs and comment on them. One clear way to gain visibility is to let other bloggers know you have one. Read what others have to say about a topic that interests you and begin a dialog.

Now for my story:
I’m an avid baseball fan/Red Sox fan and have been reading Red Sox Pitcher Curt Schilling’s blog 38pitches for three months now. In three months he has a 4pr and an alexa traffic rank of 59,000. That’s pretty impressive for a blog to move up that quickly in such a short period of time. He’s famous and gets a lot of traffic so thats why his blog has become so popular. I can’t tell you how many times ESPN has mentioned it in the past few months. This leads me to my final tip:

5. Find blogs of famous people. A ton of politicians have them and they’re open for conversation not to mention actors/actresses, rockstars, CEO’s etc…..Link back to them and comment on their blogs about posts they’ve done. You’ll be amazed by what can happen. Hey, I hope Curt visits our blog and comments on this post!

I’m sorry I ‘ve been away for a bit but I’ve been busy researching this startling discovery…Its kind of a double whammy after also just hearing that the sky is blue !
And as a footnote ….If you offer an easy, no money down mortgage to people with a bad credit history, about 20 to 25 percent of them will default once their variable rate mortgage increases and doubles their monthly payment.

Well it is in fact a round world and we should not have been surprised or caught off guard by the recent sub-prime lending storm. Cause and effect is not new. So the once hot market has cooled off…now what ?

I believe it was Einstein that said “The definition of insanity is doing the same things and expecting different results. ” Change requires change. Isn’t it time to look into real estate blog marketing ?

As promised, this is the next installment of a series of shamlessly self-promoting interviews with myself.

Me: So , let’s get back to what makes an optimized blog from Real Estate Blog Marketing , optimized, different or better than a free blog.

Myself: Well it really depends on why you want a blog and what you want it to do. If you’re writing for Uncle Ned and Aunt Mable and not potential home buyers, I would imagine a free blog is just fine …but really , just how many homes can Aunt Mable buy from you? Coming from one of the world’s largest search engine marketing companies, we look at things differently. We have made over 80 plus changes or tweaks to our optimized blog so far and that’s only a small part of our service.

Me: How so ?

Myself: We’ve all heard the adage ” Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, Teach a man to fish and feed him for a life time.” Well if you consider a blog a fishing pole, we convert it into more of a net….and teach our clients where, how and when to throw it. By combining existing technology with creativity, our clients have a huge advantage over the competition. We teach them how to become a media and marketing company in their own right.

Me: By providing an optimized blog and also instructing clients with best practices, aren’t you as a media company ultimately putting yourselves out of business?

Myself: We don’t see it that way. When everyone else was attempting to understand Search Engine Optimization, Real Estate Blog Marketing already understood that it’s all about relevant content and determined that an Optimized Blog is currently the best vehicle to attract, manage and apply that content. We are already researching and testing new applications for Realtors in channels not even being discussed on technology message boards.

Me: Can you share some of the areas in which you are looking?

Myself(smiling):Not without killing you afterwards..We’re looking into a lot of things. Phillip Rosedale’s Second Life is an interesting channel and is being adopted by some pretty significant corporations like IBM, etc. They are generating a lot of new subscribers and have something along the lines of 600,000 sets of eyes a month currently. I know there were discussions about Second Life at the recent International Builders Show in Orlando but they( Second Life) still have a fairly high existing subscriber fall off rate. From a branding and market reach perspective , we want to see the same eyeballs visiting that channel over an extended period of time before recommending that to our clients. There is still too much low hanging fruit with existing channels to recommend something new to our clients just because it’s new.

Me: Like Real Estate blog marketing ?

Myself: I couldn’t have said it better myself.

More on this later

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