Corporate Real Estate Blogs

Why are Top Producing Real Estate agents flocking to corporate blogging and blog marketing to increase their business? The Reasons are many.

  1. In the last quarter of 2005 30% of everyone on the internet had visited blogs. It is likely that that number is much higher as many of the people surveyed may not have known how to tell if a website they were on was in fact a “blog”, and that percentage is probably over 50% for 2006.
  2. 78% of all Real Estate consumers start their search for a home online.
  3. Real Estate consumers are looking for information about homes, about geographic areas, neighborhoods, schools etc..
  4. A Corporate blog provides and easy way for a real estate agent to deliver this critical information to potential customers.
  5. A well designed corporate blog establishes the real estate blogger as the authority for any relevant information in their area.

Part 2 Coming tommorow including: Gaining More Listings with your blog,Podcasting, Online Videos, Comparison of Video Tours and Video Podcasts, and Lead Capturing and Conversion. Search Engines and Real Estate Blog Marketing

Real Estate Blog Marketing focuses on blog marketing programs for real estate agents. This cost effective form of advertising/marketing can increase high quality inbound leads, search engine visibility, and high quality traffic for a Realtor’s website and also serve as an medium to deliver marketing messages and press releases. An effective Blog Marketing Campaign is a complete marketing solution

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