Knob Depot

I am in Orlando for the 63rd International Builders Show which promises to be one of the largest industry trade shows ever with over 100,00 plus attendees. I remembered to bring my comfortable shoes as this year’s show covers well over a mile of exhibits. Despite an hour and a half wait for my rental car, I arrived at the show excited to see what new and innovative exhibits will be on display this year.

I was fortunate to run across a favorite provider of cabinet knobs , Knob Depot. I say they are my favorite because with two little girls at home , my wife is subject to makeover fever. Knob Depot’s selection , prices and customer service are unmatched and as they say , “if momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” From decorative drawer pulls to glass knobs , their selection is only trumped by their customer service. After meeting with Jim Woods , owner of Knob Depot, I understand why. Jim and his team are passionate about delivering the kind of value that makes his clients customers for life.