Today is the last day of the 63rd annual International Builders Show in Orlando . With over a thousand exhibitors and hundreds of new and innovative products, its been difficult to see all of the “next big thing” type of products but a few have caught my eye. I noticed a crowd gathered around the Black and Decker Hardware & Home Improvement exhibit which includes Kwikset, Weiser Lock, Baldwin and Price Pfister.

With the introduction of SmartScan, Kwikset , a world leader in residential security has delivered the future now . SmartScan, the world’s first residential biometric keyless entry system is allowing homeowners the same level of security that until now was only available in government and commercial applications. Biometric Systems use a variety of methodologies based on a person’s physiological characteristics to authenticate a person’s identity . The best known being fingerprint recognition . However, this is not your father’s biometric residential security system!

According to Cheryl Kramp , Assistant Marketing Communications Manager for Kwikset, SmartScan has received an overwhelming positive response from builders, developers and homeowners here at the show. Said Kramp , ” I think everyone is concerned with additional safety measures these days and Kwikset is always researching ways we can provide the highest, most innovative and dependable level of security to our customers. ”

Homeowners now have the ability to access their homes with a swipe of a fingerprint. This decorative and stylish biometric deadbolt is virtually indistinguishable from a normal deadbolt system until you look “under the hood.” Designed to recognize over fifty user identities which the homeowner can easily program, this unit powered by four standard AA batteries has the added advantage of a special lock out feature. This allows three levels of access options. You can program SmatScan to allow 24/7 access for family members , temporary access for repairmen or contractors and time restricted access for housekeepers, babysitters and in my case , my daughter’s boyfriends.