Orlando Builder Show

I just had a great conversation with some of the folks at Southwire, makers of the new patented FlatWire Ready wiring for home entertainment systems and flat speaker wire . I mentioned that this wire is available for speaker wire and electrical wire. I should mention that while this application is available for electrical wiring, it is currently only approved for low voltage wall sconces. Fortunately, you can find these beautiful and easy to install wall sconces at www.flatwiretv.com.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Builders Show and real estate blog marketing . I am hoping to run another series of articles on green building initiatives and new products for home owners.

Patio Doors

OK , I know that I have promised an interview with myself but I had to cancel it at the last minute . ( I KNEW that was going to happen. )

I ran across an article that I found pretty alarming . I have two beautiful little girls at home ages 4 years and 5 months respectively. I grew up as the fourth child out of six kids by fairly strict and protective parents …of course by the time I came along my parents were no longer concerned that every scratch was a precursor to gangrene…..Don’t get me wrong , I still heard the normal ” Put a hat on , you’ll catch pneumonia…or if you keep crossing your eyes , they’ll get stuck that way!” ( They didn’t)

Enter the Grandchildren. Now my Mom has turned into the Safety Nazis. ” You know those balloon strings can strangle your kids or I don’t think she is dressed warmly enough.”

Her latest concern is the window blinds cords in our home . I just ran across an article from ” Parents for Window Blinds Safety ” which stated that there have been over 768 reported accidental strangulation deaths as a result of window blinds/shades cords since 1973 . Hard to believe ( and harder to admit ) but my Mom is right .

That’s why I was excited to see the new Designer Series by Pella Windows at the recent International Builders Show in Orlando. This new series by Pella has a between-the-glass feature that eliminates¬† the potentially hazardous hanging cord. I wasn’t sure if this feature was available for Patio Doors until I stopped by Pella’s Booth . Apparently this feature is available on pretty much any Designer Series by Pella. French Doors ( my favorite ) , Bay Windows and Bow Windows …Pella has pretty much insured I have no excuse the next time mom visits for her child-proofing house inspection….Gotta run…I think I hear someone with chicken soup in hand , Goose Stepping up to the front door!

After returning from a very exciting 63rd Annual International Builders Show in Orlando last week , it occurred to me to answer a question posed repeatedly by attendees ….” Now Bruce tell me again just what the @#!*%! do you do ? ”

Duh ! Being caught up in the excitement from all of the people I interviewed and new product demonstrations, I forgot to plug our own company, Real Estate Blog Marketing

Real Estate Blog Marketing is a division of Triangle Direct Media, a blog marketing company. We create innovative blog marketing programs as a cost effective solution to impact brand awareness , influence purchase intent and generate leads for Realtors , Builders and Developers .

Simple , huh ? Glad to have cleared that up ……Oh, still not clear? Well in that case you’ll have to stop by tomorrow ( or the next day….maybe ). I’m trying very hard to get an in-depth, shamelessly self promoting interview with myself. Stay Tuned !

Robert Sexton and Fred Martin

OK…I’ll be the first to admit, I find many things exciting and I am easily impressed. However I know I am the exception rather than the rule. So when I saw the throngs of people gathered around the Southwire exhibit at the International Builders Show, I assumed they must have scantily clad women manning the booth ……wrong! ( Not that there is anything wrong with that!)

The show stopper turned out to be a recent product innovation called FlatWire. Originally developed by Robert Sexton for his company DeCorp , Flatwire is a patented paper thin wire. Unlike round wire, Flatwire is wide and thin allowing safe and easy installation under carpet, tile, wallpaper and paint. Flatwire installs right on wall surfaces and becomes virtually invisible under compound and paint.

Since Flatwire is available for speaker wire as well as electrical wire, the applications are endless. Whether you need cable for home theaters , installing surround sound or wiring a garage makeover , FlatWire Technology by Southwire makes it a snap!


Today is the last day of the 63rd annual International Builders Show in Orlando . With over a thousand exhibitors and hundreds of new and innovative products, its been difficult to see all of the “next big thing” type of products but a few have caught my eye. I noticed a crowd gathered around the Black and Decker Hardware & Home Improvement exhibit which includes Kwikset, Weiser Lock, Baldwin and Price Pfister.

With the introduction of SmartScan, Kwikset , a world leader in residential security has delivered the future now . SmartScan, the world’s first residential biometric keyless entry system is allowing homeowners the same level of security that until now was only available in government and commercial applications. Biometric Systems use a variety of methodologies based on a person’s physiological characteristics to authenticate a person’s identity . The best known being fingerprint recognition . However, this is not your father’s biometric residential security system!

According to Cheryl Kramp , Assistant Marketing Communications Manager for Kwikset, SmartScan has received an overwhelming positive response from builders, developers and homeowners here at the show. Said Kramp , ” I think everyone is concerned with additional safety measures these days and Kwikset is always researching ways we can provide the highest, most innovative and dependable level of security to our customers. ”

Homeowners now have the ability to access their homes with a swipe of a fingerprint. This decorative and stylish biometric deadbolt is virtually indistinguishable from a normal deadbolt system until you look “under the hood.” Designed to recognize over fifty user identities which the homeowner can easily program, this unit powered by four standard AA batteries has the added advantage of a special lock out feature. This allows three levels of access options. You can program SmatScan to allow 24/7 access for family members , temporary access for repairmen or contractors and time restricted access for housekeepers, babysitters and in my case , my daughter’s boyfriends.

Orlando Builder Show

On the heels of a much publicized report on global warming due to a build up of CO2 in the atmosphere, exhibitors at the 63rd annual International Builders Show held in Orlando this week have responded with a wide array of innovative solutions for builders and home owners.

It appears that eco friendly construction will continue to be the buzz word for years to come . I had the opportunity to talk with Robert Porter, Travis Reed and Scotty Goodsell of industry leader BioBased Insulation , a spray foam insulation systems provider. According to BioBased , homeowners using this soy-based polyurethane spray foam insulation can not only save on heating and cooling cost but also do their part to protect the environment . For every 1 lb of soy-based spray in place insulation used , CO2 emmissions are reduced by 5lbs. Wow !

Lets see, energy efficient , environmentally responsible , healthy , durable and comfortable …what’s not to love …almost sounds like a Boy Scout !

Knob Depot

I am in Orlando for the 63rd International Builders Show which promises to be one of the largest industry trade shows ever with over 100,00 plus attendees. I remembered to bring my comfortable shoes as this year’s show covers well over a mile of exhibits. Despite an hour and a half wait for my rental car, I arrived at the show excited to see what new and innovative exhibits will be on display this year.

I was fortunate to run across a favorite provider of cabinet knobs , Knob Depot. I say they are my favorite because with two little girls at home , my wife is subject to makeover fever. Knob Depot’s selection , prices and customer service are unmatched and as they say , “if momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” From decorative drawer pulls to glass knobs , their selection is only trumped by their customer service. After meeting with Jim Woods , owner of Knob Depot, I understand why. Jim and his team are passionate about delivering the kind of value that makes his clients customers for life.