Patio Doors

OK , I know that I have promised an interview with myself but I had to cancel it at the last minute . ( I KNEW that was going to happen. )

I ran across an article that I found pretty alarming . I have two beautiful little girls at home ages 4 years and 5 months respectively. I grew up as the fourth child out of six kids by fairly strict and protective parents …of course by the time I came along my parents were no longer concerned that every scratch was a precursor to gangrene…..Don’t get me wrong , I still heard the normal ” Put a hat on , you’ll catch pneumonia…or if you keep crossing your eyes , they’ll get stuck that way!” ( They didn’t)

Enter the Grandchildren. Now my Mom has turned into the Safety Nazis. ” You know those balloon strings can strangle your kids or I don’t think she is dressed warmly enough.”

Her latest concern is the window blinds cords in our home . I just ran across an article from ” Parents for Window Blinds Safety ” which stated that there have been over 768 reported accidental strangulation deaths as a result of window blinds/shades cords since 1973 . Hard to believe ( and harder to admit ) but my Mom is right .

That’s why I was excited to see the new Designer Series by Pella Windows at the recent International Builders Show in Orlando. This new series by Pella has a between-the-glass feature that eliminates¬† the potentially hazardous hanging cord. I wasn’t sure if this feature was available for Patio Doors until I stopped by Pella’s Booth . Apparently this feature is available on pretty much any Designer Series by Pella. French Doors ( my favorite ) , Bay Windows and Bow Windows …Pella has pretty much insured I have no excuse the next time mom visits for her child-proofing house inspection….Gotta run…I think I hear someone with chicken soup in hand , Goose Stepping up to the front door!