When I discuss real estate podcasting, most people think that I am talking about something to do with the IPod. That is not a bad assumption as podcasts can be downloaded onto a portable device like an Ipod, but in reality most podcasts are viewed on blogs or websites. According to Wikipedia a podcast is a method of delivering multimedia files over the internet using syndication feeds. These files are then played back using a pc or mobile device such as an Ipod.

What that means in English is that realtors can use their blog to deliver video and or audio to potential clients. The podcast is an incredibly easy, effective and inexpensive way to create your own commercials. For realtors particularly, it is one of the huge side benefits of having a blog. The podcast enables them to show their personality to clients, and helps tremendously in creating a recognizable brand. Podcasting instantly differentiates the realtor from the competition and shows that they are willing to identify and embrace new ways of serving their clients.