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I am one of the first people to express my opinion that the true value of a real estate blog lies not in search engine potential (which is still extremely postive) but that the blogosphere and millions of readers present in the blogosphere will offer the true value to any real estate agent. However….

Lets take a look at Local Search. Local Search is something that it is crucial for real estate agents, in fact it is all that any real estate agent really should care about. What is local search? It is the act of searching for anything based on location. For example if someone searches for real estate then they are probably going to search for a geographical area, a neighborhood, a geographic region, and maybe even a local nickname for those areas… Those people searching in that way are qualified leads doing research online, exactly who a realtor needs to reach first. A Professional real estate blog marketing campaign is a local search magnet.

As a real estate agent posts and writes about his areas of coverage he or she is becoming more relevant with each post in the eyes of the engine to all local searches in the area and showcasing to potential clients their knowledge of real estate in their area. Realtors blogging in the right way, with the right system, and information are beginning to dominate true local search terms, this trend is growing and is even more prominent as people are adding the word “blog” to their search to get even more relevant search results.

Do you want local search results? Real Estate Blog Marketing will design a blog marketing campaign to help you dominate local search for your area. Contact us for more information.

We are seeing a lot of increased activity in terms of URL purchases made with the term blog in them, this is especially true in real estate. Pick an area or a state or even a city and you will find many blog related URL’s have been taken. If you are a real estate agent in Florida and you do not have a blog, It is time to get a professional Real Estate Blog set up for yourself wether you your own website or not because in the future the blog and a solid blog marketing campaign will be much more important than your website. Real Estate Blogs are already generating traffic and leads for the agents using them and we are only really in the beginning stages of something that is going to be much much bigger than it is now. Blog Marketing.

Are you are a real estate agent that relies on Google, Yahoo and MSN’s Pay Per Click campaign to generate leads? Expect your monthly budget to increase. Here’s what the experts are predicting for you Pay Per Click addicts..

If you have been using this medium for some time then you are probably aware of this trend. Pay each month on a per click basis and hope that 5% of those clicks convert into good leads. Or perhaps a seller contacts you to list their home. If you want internet searchers to find your website you have to either optimize your website for natural positioning or pay Google and Yahoo’s per click. You are essentially Basically RENTING a space online instead of owning.
Another option is Real Estate Blog Marketing. Often referred to as “individual” or “team” marketing. By strategically targeting specific keywords and phrases you can write short articles related to those keywords and generate organic positioning instead of paying per click. Learn how other Real Estate agents across the country are decreasing their monthly PPC budgets. Learn how these same realtors are gaining leads from organic positioning with the addition of a Real Estate Blog. See their testimonials…..
Spend more with Pay Per Click (RENT advertising) or gain free traffic with Real Estate Blog Marketing….how much should you budget if you chose to continue using PPC?

As a real estate agent is marketing online one thing for them to pay attention to is what to target when designing an online campaign. You may think ” I need to positioned for ____Real Estate” because that is what you search for but the reality is your target audience is searching for every scrap of information about the area, the home prices, the neighborhoods, the schools, and even the census data of where they want to move. As a Real Estate Agent you need to be found for as many search terms as possible,and provide relevant information about those searches. Don’t neglect to pay attention to keywords that people are searching for as they actually get closer to the buying phase of research, or the phase where they may need a real estate professional to offer answers to questions… that may mean terms like “Wake County School information” or “Relocation to Chapel Hill ” or it could ” Southern Village Homes For Sale” if they like that neighborhood. Ensuring that your website and your blog is found as much as possible only solidifies that you will be the one that gets a new client or a new listing.

It certainly seems that we are heading toward a buyers market.  In certain area’s of the country, home prices have balloned to where I have no idea how people can afford a home.  I guess we’re all thankful for interest only loans.  In South Carolina it seems that the coast ie…Myrtle beach and other beach communities have declined.  This is surprising to me since Myrtle Beach is about to build the largest theme park in the world, I’ll bet you that Myrtle Beach Sales increase dramatically next year.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

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The Impact that Blogging will and is beggining to have on the real estate industry can be compared to the impact that:

  • The wheel had on transportation
  • Television on Professional sports
  • Fuel Injection on Engine performance
  • The Fax machine on business communication
  • Television on the advertising industry

A Real Estate blog marketing program puts the Realtor in touch with consumers, it becomes both a means to deliver and share valuable information with their target audience but also to stay in touch with that same audience and remain current on what is important to their customers. The Real Estate industry has changed to one that will require the successful agent to provide value and expertise by embracing the many tools online available to buyers and sellers, and utilizing them to provide value as a buyer agent or as an aggressive listing agent for sellers.