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Zillow a site We love, has begun to develop an open API to share data on 67 Million Homes.
Zillow I think has one of the coolest interfaces for viewing home values, and with an open API web designers and online real estate marketers  have the ability to incorporate the data and cool graphics into their blog or website making for a cool experience for both buyers and sellers researching online. (78% of consumers start their search online)
Here are a couple examples of it in Use:

At Yahoo:

Real Estate Home Value

Zillow result

Zillow Example Home Value

When one thinks of a professional usally a doctor, a lawyer, an accountant, a professor or similiar career that involves years of study or advanced education comes to mind. Not a real estate agent. Real estate agents are mostly viewed as salespeople trying to earn a commission. The majority of a real estate agent’s training and education involves closing deals. Convincing your prospect/client to buy from you and not your competition.

Real estate agents that want to separate themselves from the standard agent stereotype has to market themselves differently. They have to be willing to prove that their knowledge of the local market is superior to any of their direct competitors. This will enable them to earn the business of buyers and sellers that search and research the internet for local real estate information.

When consumers search the internet, they are looking for information. They aren’t looking for awards won, credentials earned, classes taken etc. Most consumers know that real estate agents are highly competitive and will do most anything to close a deal. Marketing strategies and campaigns are a direct reflection of how an agent views themselves. Those that market themselves with ads and pictures of themselves in magazines, newspapers, real estate publications etc. are using their image to earn business. Those that provide INFORMATION as proof of their knowledge – earn business by proving that they truly are an educated PROFESSIONAL. Prove that you are superior to your competitors by educating your prospects. Start using a professional Real Estate Blog today!

We are seeing a lot of increased activity in terms of URL purchases made with the term blog in them, this is especially true in real estate. Pick an area or a state or even a city and you will find many blog related URL’s have been taken. If you are a real estate agent in Florida and you do not have a blog, It is time to get a professional Real Estate Blog set up for yourself wether you your own website or not because in the future the blog and a solid blog marketing campaign will be much more important than your website. Real Estate Blogs are already generating traffic and leads for the agents using them and we are only really in the beginning stages of something that is going to be much much bigger than it is now. Blog Marketing.

There are many benefits involved with having a real estate blog and using blog marketing. You can increase search engine traffic, open up a brand new marketing channel and reach the millions of people that read blogs.

As if this weren’t enough, our clients will see another benefit, and that is through affiliate marketing. The point of a blog is to increase the rankings of the realtors’ main site and that happens, but after a few months the blog itself also begins to get some purchase on the search engines. As traffic levels increase that gives the realtor an opportunity to set up affiliate relationships with companies who might hold value for a visitor, such as mortgage firms, appraisers, moving companies etc. With time these affiliate advertisers more than pay for the initial price of the blog and provide a handy revenue stream for the realtor.

I read an article recently talking about how mass emails and newsletters are being intercepted by spam filters before they even make it into a prospect’s inbox. It seems like this once highly successful form of marketing is on the way out and, I for one am happy about it’s demise. My inbox is bombarded with emails that don’t even make any sense, all aimed at getting me to buy some dodgy stock or cut price diamonds. I have no choice but to filter out these messages…along with your valuable real estate marketing message.

Real Estate Blog Marketing provides realtors with an alternative. Your prospects can subscribe to your blog and receive your information, insights or marketing messages whenever you write. This is the new way to market your company, without being intrusive or annoying your customers.

Once again Zillow has a cool new tool called zillow mobile for consumers and realtors alike when you are out you can simply ” just send an email or text-message to Include the address with the city and state or zip (i.e. 123 main st seattle wa or 123 main st 98101), and you’ll get a reply almost instantly with the Zestimate and basic home facts”

Mobile Real Estate InformationThey remind us that its a beta project but if you are out and looking at houses, and you want to know what the value of home is try it out.

I just saw a press release where a company was touting an “online forum to facilitate article exchanges among owners of real estate websites.” This sounds like a very bad idea.

Search Engines generally do not like duplicate content and “exchanging articles” sounds like something you should avoid. Generating new unique content is definately a good thing. However, copying or “exchanging an article” with another realtor would not be something we would reccomend.

There are many sources for ideas for articles and it is not a bad idea to quote some, and paraphrase some, but always give credit to the original writer or source, but never copy content unless quoting.

Our Real Estate Blog Marketing Programs have proven success for many clients and achieve new leads, new listings, sales, and increased search traffic for every client.

A careful look at the traffic origins of many real estate agents websites would reveal traffic that arrives via print, or other offline media, and also Pay Per Click. Either way if you were to look at what the actual cost per visitor/lead is, you would find it to be very high. Generating a lot of leads is definately a good thing, however, look at your cost per lead, and then examine a blog marketing program. Our Real Estate marketing programs reduce your cost per lead every day.
How is that possible? It goes something like this.

Corporate Blog Setup is x dollars. With the agent writing articles there is no other cost. Formula: number of leads divided by cost of blog equals the cost per lead.

  • Month one you receive 10 leads. Cost Per lead is x/10
  • Month 2 you recieve 30 leads. Cost Per lead is x/40 , your cost per lead just dropped significantly because you have not paid any more yet the number of leads has gone up… and the number of leads will only increase steadily over time.
  • Month 3 you recieve 200 leads. Cost per lead is x/250; You can see how the cost goes down.

Imagine after a year or less a real estate agent will be receiving recieving high quality leads for pennies. This whole formula does not even take into consideration that these leads are extremely high quality and much more likely to close than any other form of advertising. Want to know more? contact us.