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Last week I mentioned that I would be shifting the focus of my posts from content to search engine optimization (SEO) strategies for a little while. I know a lot of people find SEO time-consuming and tedious, but it’s a necessary chore if you’re serious about using real estate blog marketing as a legitimate tool for promoting your business and services.

The first step in do-it-yourself SEO is to figure out which keywords the major search engines already associate with your real estate blog. If your blog has been around for a while, then you should be well established for certain phrases, which you can verify by checking your stats program. Even the most basic stats packages will tell you what words and phrases visitors are using to find your site.

If you’re brand-new to real estate blog marketing or would like to start optimizing for different keywords, then all you have to do is choose a handful that reflect the bulk of your business. A good keyword phrase usually incorporates the type of property you sell most often, along with your major farm area.

Thus, if you’re based in Raleigh and deal mostly with commercial lots, then “commercial lots Raleigh”, “commercial real estate Raleigh”, and perhaps “commercial property Raleigh” would be good keywords to target.

Notice that the name of your farm area generally follows the real estate keywords. While this can be a bit cumbersome to fit into grammatically correct sentences, it is how most people input the terms into search engines.

Once you’ve picked out a handful of keywords for your blog, start writing on-topic articles that contain the keyword phrase a few times. Articles of 200-400 words are best. Also, it’s important to refrain from using the keyword phrase too many times in a single article in order to avoid the appearance of “keyword stuffing”, a practice the search engines frown upon. Two to four times per article should be sufficient.

You can monitor your progress with your target keywords by searching for the terms yourself to see where your blog comes up in the SERPs (search engine results pages). If you’re doing things right, you should see your rankings improve over time!

To misquote Mark Twain , “There are liars, damn liars and real estate statisticians! ” I guess every person even related to real estate is awaiting the numbers due out today on January’s existing home sales from the National Association of Realtors. Analyst are predicting a slight increase over the rate of December’s numbers for previously owned homes sold. This would indicate the housing market is holding it’s own despite some concern in the sub-prime lending industry. However, even a strong showing doesn’t necessarily mean that everything is coming up roses.

Many economist say that last years numbers were increased due to a loosening of the wallet in the lending market. With investors nervous due to the risk of default in the sub-prime market, analyst are expecting the pendulum to swing the other way. So if you are using those numbers as a forecasting tool , you may want to subtract as much as 3% or more from that total! What’s a person to do ?

Put more tomatoes in the soup ! What ??? That’s right, you should be increasing the value you offer your customers !

But shouldn’t I be tightening the belt , cutting cost, preparing for the storm ??… Well I didn’t say spend more but it’s always time to spend more wisely. How are you using your current resources and time ? Still blanketing the supermarkets and community bulletin boards with your business cards and hoping someone will see you ? Nothing wrong with that but speaking of statistics , what percentage of people went to the supermarket hoping a real estate agent left a card ? ( I haven’t done the research but I’m guessing that number is pretty small.) Now by comparison, what do you think the people that went to the search engines and typed ” Homes in xyz ” were looking for ? It darn sure wasn’t bread and milk! With podcasting, video tours and other tools available from Real Estate Blog Marketing, it’s time to fish where the fish are ! Turnkey blog marketing programs are available which offer any level of hand holding . So , what are you waiting for , pass the tomatoes!

Zillow a site We love, has begun to develop an open API to share data on 67 Million Homes.
Zillow I think has one of the coolest interfaces for viewing home values, and with an open API web designers and online real estate marketers  have the ability to incorporate the data and cool graphics into their blog or website making for a cool experience for both buyers and sellers researching online. (78% of consumers start their search online)
Here are a couple examples of it in Use:

At Yahoo:

Real Estate Home Value

Zillow result

Zillow Example Home Value

When we visit Real Estate offices, I’m often amazed at the lack of resources realtors use for their online presence.  Just by navigating the web, realtors would be better in tune with what’s going on.  Most of your marketing focus should be online and there are a few trends going on for 2007 that you must look into.
1. Real Estate Blog:  Just the purest form of Viral Marketing and another web property that you can put your listings on.  I won’t give away everything but you really have no idea how important a blog can be to a realtor….hint….$$$

2. Real Estate Video Advertising:  Why did google buy youtube for 1.6 billion….because video is important and 54% of online users watch video

3. Local Search: If 81% of a Real Estate search is started online, where are you?  What’s your local presence?

I wouldn’t try and tell any realtor what to do.  What I do try is to educate realtors on what’s the best form of marketing for their geographical location.  I wouldn’t expect everyone to get a blog, shoot video’s and concentrate on local search, but I can only hope that  a lot of realtors will investigate this more thoroughly.

Mortgage foreclosures in Florida are up. According to RealtyTrac, foreclosures jumped to it’s highest level in August with 16,533 properties entering foreclosure which was 50% more than July. Broward County ranked third in the nation in homes entering foreclosure, one for every 174 households. RealtyTrac also reported that 115,292 properties nationwide entered some stage of foreclosure up 53% from the same time last year. Article…..

The United States isn’t the only country feeling the Real Estate housing decline.  Home sales fell 4% in Montreal during the month of August.  A total of 3,390 home sales were recorded in August compared to 3,519 in August of 05.  Article Source…….

One of things that often surprises me is the level of support provided to smaller realtors by their real estate firms. The big firms will supply the realtor with a few pages within the main website and some print marketing materials, and that’s about it. In the cut-throat world of real estate, most agents generally struggle in their first couple of years, before they establish themselves and their brand.

With the advent of blog marketing though, the playing field is just about to get a little more even, and the tide is turning in favor of the “little guy”. The business blog gives realtors the ability to self publish and promote themselves in a very targeted and focused way. If a realtor wants to be the expert for a particular subdivision, all they need to do is write. With our real estate blogging platform, they will be the expert in a very short time frame. For a very low price point, real estate professionals now have the weapons to use against their bigger competitors, and many of these so called “little guys” are quietly taking business from bigger firms.

One of the stats that is often understated when we are discussing our real estate marketing programs with clients is how much traffic is available for those on the first page of search engine results. I think we just assume that the web is a powerful tool and source of business without actually taking a look at the numbers.

If you take a mid sized city like Raleigh as a barometer, there are hundreds of different keyword searches that will lead customers to your website. ” Raleigh real estate”, “Raleigh realtor”, “Raleigh nc relocation” etc.  If you take the top 10 search phrases, there are over 400,000 searches conducted on a monthly basis. That’s a lot of searches, translating into a lot of potential business. If you have a real estate blog, and you write three times a week, you will get your website and eventually your blog in front of these people, establish yourself as the expert and increase your business.

I just received a call from one of our realtor clients and she informed me on how much her blog is helping her online.  She said, I don’t know what you did to the blog but I’m getting calls everyday about buying and listing properties.  We make sure that all of our clients are set up to be successful on day 1.  It’s up to our clients to write and us to train them.  Don’t waste your time thinking that you can get this type of service on your own, you can’t.  Real Estate Blog Marketing is building everyday. If you care about leads, online visibility or branding your name in the blogosphere, contact one of our representatives today.

Houston is the largest city in Texas and fourth largest city in United States. Several major oil companies and aeronautics industries have set up their base here. This has made it the economic hub of gulf coast region. Texas also boasts of hosting several cultural events.

Demand for real estate scenario depends on the condition of local industries and economy. If various industries do well, then real estate prices go up and so is the case with Houston with its flourishing industries.

Real estate scenario in Houston is picking up and many builders are developing many new residential housing projects. Different types of residential properties such as apartment flats, row houses and independent bungalows are available for customers to choose from. Customers will be able to choose appropriate home of their dreams from this wide range, depending on choice of location and budget. Some builders have been in construction business for decades and have the credit of having built some classic structures in the yesteryears. They have developed perfect understanding of needs and requirements of home seekers. Builders have structured their plans accordingly, to incorporate necessary changes.

Real estate market comprises of various professionals such as real estate homebuilders, new home developers, real estates agents, and brokers. They all work together to provide appropriate professional services to different homebuyers. Customers are advised to study floor plans and flat location before selecting one.

Real estate prices are expected to rise as a result of considerable growth of the city. Thus it is essential for prospective homebuyers to study the real estate market very carefully before deciding to buy a house. Various magazines, journals and periodicals as well as real estate websites provide specific information for the benefit of customers. It is advisable for them go through these channels for better knowledge of the market.

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