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I saw an interesting article on Realty Times the other day that talked about how the media is contributing to the slow market for sellers. It seems like every time you pick up the newspaper or turn on the TV you see another piece telling you how terrible the market is. This seeps into the consciousness of potential buyers and influences them to hold off until prices drop just a little bit more. Even though there are some great deals out there, perception is reality, and talking about a slowdown feeds into more gloom and doom about the market.
So how does a realtor counteract this negative talk in the media? By producing their own media pointing out all of the great buying opportunities in their local area. The easiest way to to that is with a real estate blog with up to date and highly localized news and opinion. Give people the inside scoop on what’s really going on in the housing market and point out all of the great buying opportunities.

Here is a list and chart of search volume for the term Real Estate Blog. Over on Business Blog Marketing there is a list of top cities originating searches for real estate. marketing.

Real Estate Blog Searches up and Top 10 locations

One of the comments that we got from a real estate client is that not only is she getting a lot more leads, but the people who are calling her are much more qualified. They know what they want and are looking for someone who has in depth knowledge of a specific area, neighborhood or subdivision. As with all aspects of online marketing, there is a temptation for real estate professionals to target the high traffic keywords such as “Chicago real estate” or “tampa realtor”. These keywords bring in a lot of traffic. But how well qualified are they? You will get a much more qualified buyer if you target specific areas. Having your website ranked for a dozen or more specific neighborhoods may produce less traffic, but will always result in more sales. Our clients are using their real estate blogs to establish themselves as the local experts. The more local you are, the more of an expert you become.

Home price appreciation during the second quarter of 2006 was at it’s slowest rate since the forth quarter of 1999.  Nationally, home prices increased 10.2% from the second quarter of 2005 to 2006.  The East south central states had the highest home appreciation of 8.3% , while the New England States had the lowest home appreciation of 0.8%  Read more……

I conducted a search recently on Yahoo for “Cary North Carolina real estate”.The results returned did not match my search. It was just a bunch of directories and unrelated websites. Surprising, since I have always viewed Yahoo as a quality engine. One thing I did notice was that above the paid search listings, and under the search box, Yahoo has installed another button in the “also try” section.

That button reads “also try Cary North Carolina real estate blog”. This lead me to another results page, which listed the websites of ten realtors in Cary. This is what I was looking for with my search. Four out of the top six realtors on that page are clients of real estate blog marketing.

A report I just read details how real estate agents are beginning to to make the shift from newspapers and print to online advertising. According to Classified Intelligence.
“Despite the fact that U.S. newspapers are enjoying a banner year in print classified real estate advertising,that train is about to run out of track, and there could be a rocky cliff below the barricades ”

The Reason for this: Newspaper advertising is the past online is the present and future for real estate agents. There is more and more information online for real estate consumers to dig into with resouces like Zillow and many others available. Real estate consumers are now armed with data that really should make the buying process easier and faster for all parties.
One Realtor had this to say:

“Print publications are no help,” one Realtor told CI. “The Web provides more information to the customer and less wasted phone calls.… It’s the only way to go. ..”

A well designed and written real estate blog will enable a real estate agent or office to guide the consumer to the best online resources you as the local expert in the market think are the best for information on the area. If a person is thinking of selling a home show them your real estate blog that is not only easily found in all blog search engines and other places where people search for real estate information, but that also showcases your customer’s podcasts of their homes…you as a their listing agent are producing an online video commercial for their home… That is powerful itself, but when you explain that thru the blogosphere there is almost immediate exposure your customers will be thrilled with how you aggressively market your real estate listings.

Everyone has a story about how much of a pain it is to put together a website. Production delays, design issues, control issues, the basic functionality of the site; the list is endless. There are some good templates out there for real estate professionals, but for the most part getting a new site is a laborious and painful process.

In actuality, you don’t need a website. All you need is a real estate blog. The price point is low, and our company can deliver in a reasonable time frame. You get all the benefits of the blog; search rankings, podcasting, RSS, subscriptions without the high cost or hassle of having a website. We also add additional contact and information pages, profile pages, local resources, and can set up the blog/site so that you can import your mls listings.

So if you are thinking about a new site or a facelift for your old site, don’t use old technology. Use a blog. Blogs are the future of real estate marketing.

One of the stats that is often understated when we are discussing our real estate marketing programs with clients is how much traffic is available for those on the first page of search engine results. I think we just assume that the web is a powerful tool and source of business without actually taking a look at the numbers.

If you take a mid sized city like Raleigh as a barometer, there are hundreds of different keyword searches that will lead customers to your website. ” Raleigh real estate”, “Raleigh realtor”, “Raleigh nc relocation” etc.  If you take the top 10 search phrases, there are over 400,000 searches conducted on a monthly basis. That’s a lot of searches, translating into a lot of potential business. If you have a real estate blog, and you write three times a week, you will get your website and eventually your blog in front of these people, establish yourself as the expert and increase your business.

It seems that July was not a good month for the US housing market. Sales of existing homes hit a two year low, and the number of homes on the market hit a thirteen year high.

So what does this all mean for realtors and their real estate marketing plans? Well, realtors will certainly have to do more marketing to get in front of the available buyers. They will also have to be more creative, and tap into previously untouched markets.

That is why blog marketing makes more sense than ever. Call us and see how you can make our real estate blogs work for you.

I just received a call from one of our realtor clients and she informed me on how much her blog is helping her online.  She said, I don’t know what you did to the blog but I’m getting calls everyday about buying and listing properties.  We make sure that all of our clients are set up to be successful on day 1.  It’s up to our clients to write and us to train them.  Don’t waste your time thinking that you can get this type of service on your own, you can’t.  Real Estate Blog Marketing is building everyday. If you care about leads, online visibility or branding your name in the blogosphere, contact one of our representatives today.

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