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Houston is the largest city in Texas and fourth largest city in United States. Several major oil companies and aeronautics industries have set up their base here. This has made it the economic hub of gulf coast region. Texas also boasts of hosting several cultural events.

Demand for real estate scenario depends on the condition of local industries and economy. If various industries do well, then real estate prices go up and so is the case with Houston with its flourishing industries.

Real estate scenario in Houston is picking up and many builders are developing many new residential housing projects. Different types of residential properties such as apartment flats, row houses and independent bungalows are available for customers to choose from. Customers will be able to choose appropriate home of their dreams from this wide range, depending on choice of location and budget. Some builders have been in construction business for decades and have the credit of having built some classic structures in the yesteryears. They have developed perfect understanding of needs and requirements of home seekers. Builders have structured their plans accordingly, to incorporate necessary changes.

Real estate market comprises of various professionals such as real estate homebuilders, new home developers, real estates agents, and brokers. They all work together to provide appropriate professional services to different homebuyers. Customers are advised to study floor plans and flat location before selecting one.

Real estate prices are expected to rise as a result of considerable growth of the city. Thus it is essential for prospective homebuyers to study the real estate market very carefully before deciding to buy a house. Various magazines, journals and periodicals as well as real estate websites provide specific information for the benefit of customers. It is advisable for them go through these channels for better knowledge of the market.

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With all the gloom and doom about the housing market, it’s refreshing to see that Raleigh, North Carolina is one of the few areas in the country that is not experiencing a slow down. In fact, realtors in Raleigh are spending more on real estate Marketing as buyers continue to move in.

The city and surrounding Triangle area have been consistently quoted as one of the best places to live in the US. It is because of this uptick in activity and an increase in the amount of competing realtors that makes it even more important for Raleigh real estate professionals to embrace new forms of real estate marketing like blogs and RSS.

Virginia is seeing an immigration explosion.  It seems that Virginia is becoming an increasingly popular place to live.  Foreign born population grew 27% from 2000 to 2005.  Virginia now has an estimated 723,000 + immigrants.  Jobs, affordable housing, support programs offered by the state and a general sense of welcome are powerful incentives for immigrants seeking a better life.  How many Virginia Realtors serviced the 723,000+ immigrants in finding a place to live?  Virginia Real Estate Blogs

I talked with a client the other day, who had an interesting perspective on the way he was going to use his real estate blog. He was not all that concerned about the rankings part of the equation, as he knew that would just happen as a matter of course.
What was of more interest to him was the use of the comments section on his blog for feedback from clients. He was planning on inviting feedback from clients about their opinions of the Raleigh area, and the things they had experienced when buying a house, or looking at properties in North Carolina. He will publish those articles, and then invite people to comment. This opens up a whole new dimention to the blog that most people don’t really think about, and that is the blog as an online community. If there is a dialogue about the area, people who are relocating to Raleigh will find it interesting, subscribe to the blog and have a pretty high opinion of the realtor. Just another of the many upsides of blog marketing.

One of the things that a lot of realtors tell us is that they don’t think they will have enough things to write about in their real estate blogs, and worry where the content is going to come from. Realtors are actually very lucky in regards to writing, as they can write about anything to do with their area.

Our real estate blogs help realtors get more business, but they can also be a great source of local information. If a new school goes up; a new road is built; a grocery chain opens up a new store; a local sports team brings noteriety to a city;  all of these events will provide good content for the realtor blog. All our clients need to do is pick up the local paper, see what’s going on and start writing.

After a lot of talk about the real estate market for sellers declining, it’s now official. We have a buyers market. One of the repercussions of this is that real estate marketing professionals will have to change the focus of their marketing campaigns. They will have to start targeting key words or phrases that relate to buyers, such as “San Diego Buyers Agent”.

The paid search bids on these keywords will increase dramatically, as realtors try to get their web sites in front of a dwindling number of buyers. With SEO, if the market shifts it can take months for companies to react. With real estate blog marketing, you can react a lot quicker. One of the advantages that our clients will have in trying to gain position in the natural search is that if they want to be positioned on a keyword all they have to do is write about it. Our realtors will simply shift to buyer related keywords in their writing and continue to dominate their respective markets.

We are seeing a lot of increased activity in terms of URL purchases made with the term blog in them, this is especially true in real estate. Pick an area or a state or even a city and you will find many blog related URL’s have been taken. If you are a real estate agent in Florida and you do not have a blog, It is time to get a professional Real Estate Blog set up for yourself wether you your own website or not because in the future the blog and a solid blog marketing campaign will be much more important than your website. Real Estate Blogs are already generating traffic and leads for the agents using them and we are only really in the beginning stages of something that is going to be much much bigger than it is now. Blog Marketing.

The California Real estate market has taken a hit recently in home sales.  It’s probably because the home pricing is so high but thats a whole other subject for another post.  I have a client in the Pasadena Real Estate Market who gives a weekly mortgage update and posts numerous home listings.  The agent is ranked everywhere and has tremedous visibility in the blogosphere.  You don’t have to spend 20K to produce a solid online marketing campaign, you just need a clear vision on where the online marketing trend is moving toward.  If you don’t have a real estate blog, get one.  It will be the smartest marketing move you’ll ever make.

A lot of clients I talk with are very concerned about the comments section in their real estate blogs. The main worry seems to be about competitors posting negative comments, and people using the comments section to add unwanted links and spam. In reality the comments section can be used in a very constructive way.

The way we set up our blogs, clients have the ability to moderate any comments that people leave. They go into a queue and must pass moderation before they can be published. That gives the realtor blog owner the ability to snuff out any spam or unwanted comments. We have a couple of realtors who have sold houses following up on comments, so they can be a valuable lead source. They are also a great source for client feedback. If you write about the area, or express an opinion and one of your readers disagrees, or offers insight of their own that can be very valuable information. Major corporations spend millions of dollars on focus groups and studies trying to look inside the minds of their clients. A blog enables you to do it for free.

Have you branded yourself in the Blogosphere?  I’ve seen several realtors continue to do PPC on a daily basis with no ROI.  Branding your name in the Blogosphere is a must and it has to be done fast.  I know that many realtors pay referral fee’s for leads, this is just a way to “not” do that.  Acquiring a lead online is one of the best leads to get.  If you’re serious about your online marketing and truly want to brand your name, call us and we’ll develop a Real Estate Blog that meets your goals and objectives.

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