I took at look at the Yahoo real estate section today, and used their home finder tool. You enter the city or zip code that you are interested in, and you are presented with a wide array of information. A search for Raleigh returned numbers and median prices of available new homes, real estate classifieds and foreclosures along with price changes from the previous month. You can also see the pricing trends for the previous twelve months along with mortgage information and an interactive map displaying available listings. It is a very handy and useful tool.
It is very easy for real estate agents to compete with this Yahoo tool.  The Secret is  bringing a more personal touch to their marketing. Selling houses is not about stats and numbers, it’s about personal relationships and interaction. A real estate blog helps realtors level the playing field with these larger entities, and allows the realtor to appeal to buyers on a more personal level with insider knowledge and real estate podcasts.