As a Real Estate Agent you obviously have your clients best interest in mind. Are you sure you’re doing everything possible to showcase a property? Video Search is taking over and with more people adapting to and embracing this technology, it’s time that all realtors explore video search.

Fact: 54% of online users watch video online

Fact: Online Video is less expensive than TV
Fact: Realtors that use video in their marketing campaign will come out on top

We’ve already established how important a blog is for a realtor. A Real Estate blog acts as a hub and establishes your online presence when fully optimized. If I were selling someone’s property I would need to have the following online:

1. Real Estate Website
2. Optimized Real Estate Blog

3. Video of the Property to broadcast locally and nationally

If 82% of a real estate search is started online and 54% of online users watch video this should make sense. Embrace it, it’s here to stay.