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I’m thinking that I’ll be found for the title of my article pretty soon on all search engines. How? By making sure that my blog is optimized and making sure that my content syndicates to news sources and blog sources online. It’s no secret that a good well-thought out blog can lead to many sales leads for realtors. By simply learning the principles that Real Estate Blog Marketing teaches, you’ll be up and running in no time. The more you put in to your blog the more you’ll get out of it. We make it sound simple at times and sometimes it is. If you want to get started with a blog that will help you tap into more real estate leads….contact one of our representatives today.

CNBC recently did a report on the real estate video market and mentioned one of our realtors in their story.  In fact, they displayed the video that we filmed for them and helped them optimize it on youtube.  He’s loaded three video’s in the past three months and 800+ people have viewed these three properties.  How important is that from a competitive stand point?  In recent posts, I mentioned the importance of video search and realtors willing to adapt to this new technology will stand to be more competitive in the market.  Do me a favor and search the video engines for properties in your area and tell me how many real estate agents are using this for a marketing tool.  Chances are, the agents that are using this are in the top 5% in transaction sales.  It just proves that you have to do everything to stay on top or atleast attempt to get there.

As a Real Estate Agent you obviously have your clients best interest in mind. Are you sure you’re doing everything possible to showcase a property? Video Search is taking over and with more people adapting to and embracing this technology, it’s time that all realtors explore video search.

Fact: 54% of online users watch video online

Fact: Online Video is less expensive than TV
Fact: Realtors that use video in their marketing campaign will come out on top

We’ve already established how important a blog is for a realtor. A Real Estate blog acts as a hub and establishes your online presence when fully optimized. If I were selling someone’s property I would need to have the following online:

1. Real Estate Website
2. Optimized Real Estate Blog

3. Video of the Property to broadcast locally and nationally

If 82% of a real estate search is started online and 54% of online users watch video this should make sense. Embrace it, it’s here to stay.

We talk to a lot of realtor’s.  It amazes me what kind of programs they are being pitched and why realtor’s continue to throw their money away.  I have a client in Chapel Hill NC who listens to everything we say. Remember, anyone can get a blog but if it’s not optimized and you don’t have a clear strategy in mind, you don’t have a chance in succeeding.  What also amazes me is that realtor’s are not jumping on a program like this.  I’ve finally realized that most realtor’s think this is one of those “new” marketing schemes to get your money.  Well, it’s not.  We actually care about our clients and their success and we’re a firm believer in your success is our success.  Without it, we don’t have a company.  So instead of thinking this is “one of those calls again”, listen to what we have to say and offer.  Right now, it’s the best marketing program online for realtor’s and we have plenty of them to vouch for this.  You could end up like this realtor:

“Dear Triangle Direct, I just wanted to let you know that through my blog I have received my second lead for a new neighborhood that isn’t even my listing. Ive posted a few discussions on the type of neighborhood and where it’s located and people are contacting me first instead of the developer. I’ve already secured one lot reservation on a 700k house! Thanks for your ideas and help in creating my blog. Kim vanDusen Chapel Hill, NC “

Your time is now.  Take advantage of it!!

The United States isn’t the only country feeling the Real Estate housing decline.  Home sales fell 4% in Montreal during the month of August.  A total of 3,390 home sales were recorded in August compared to 3,519 in August of 05.  Article Source…….

DK had an excellent post earlier after a discovery by another member of our team KB, who found that while searching for real estate in cary north carolina, some of his searches returned results full of directories, yellow pages and other irrelevant results. Definitely not what the searcher is looking for:

Here is Screen Link to a Screen shot of a search for Cary North Carolina Real Estate. Click on the Image Below.
Cary North Carolina Real Estate Search Results

Below is the ALSO Try Cary North Carolina Real Estate Blog Placed there by Yahoo when you search for Cary North Carolina Real Estate:

Also Try Cary North Carolina Real Estate Blog

Below is a Screen Shot to the Results for a search for Cary North Carolina Real Estate Search. Notice how the search results are much more relevant, the results are actually real estate agents in Cary North Carolina, looks like 8 of the 10 results are relevant to the search. Click on the image below.
Cary North Carolina Real Estate Blog Search Yields Results

I believe that this is an indication of the future, more and more people are turning to blogs to find the information that they are seaching for. In real estate, real estate agents have a unique opportunity to brand themselves by providing the information and links to the information that their potential cusomters are looking for. Make sure they are finding your blog.

I just received a call from one of our realtor clients and she informed me on how much her blog is helping her online.  She said, I don’t know what you did to the blog but I’m getting calls everyday about buying and listing properties.  We make sure that all of our clients are set up to be successful on day 1.  It’s up to our clients to write and us to train them.  Don’t waste your time thinking that you can get this type of service on your own, you can’t.  Real Estate Blog Marketing is building everyday. If you care about leads, online visibility or branding your name in the blogosphere, contact one of our representatives today.

Houston is the largest city in Texas and fourth largest city in United States. Several major oil companies and aeronautics industries have set up their base here. This has made it the economic hub of gulf coast region. Texas also boasts of hosting several cultural events.

Demand for real estate scenario depends on the condition of local industries and economy. If various industries do well, then real estate prices go up and so is the case with Houston with its flourishing industries.

Real estate scenario in Houston is picking up and many builders are developing many new residential housing projects. Different types of residential properties such as apartment flats, row houses and independent bungalows are available for customers to choose from. Customers will be able to choose appropriate home of their dreams from this wide range, depending on choice of location and budget. Some builders have been in construction business for decades and have the credit of having built some classic structures in the yesteryears. They have developed perfect understanding of needs and requirements of home seekers. Builders have structured their plans accordingly, to incorporate necessary changes.

Real estate market comprises of various professionals such as real estate homebuilders, new home developers, real estates agents, and brokers. They all work together to provide appropriate professional services to different homebuyers. Customers are advised to study floor plans and flat location before selecting one.

Real estate prices are expected to rise as a result of considerable growth of the city. Thus it is essential for prospective homebuyers to study the real estate market very carefully before deciding to buy a house. Various magazines, journals and periodicals as well as real estate websites provide specific information for the benefit of customers. It is advisable for them go through these channels for better knowledge of the market.

Article Source

Virginia is seeing an immigration explosion.  It seems that Virginia is becoming an increasingly popular place to live.  Foreign born population grew 27% from 2000 to 2005.  Virginia now has an estimated 723,000 + immigrants.  Jobs, affordable housing, support programs offered by the state and a general sense of welcome are powerful incentives for immigrants seeking a better life.  How many Virginia Realtors serviced the 723,000+ immigrants in finding a place to live?  Virginia Real Estate Blogs

The California Real estate market has taken a hit recently in home sales.  It’s probably because the home pricing is so high but thats a whole other subject for another post.  I have a client in the Pasadena Real Estate Market who gives a weekly mortgage update and posts numerous home listings.  The agent is ranked everywhere and has tremedous visibility in the blogosphere.  You don’t have to spend 20K to produce a solid online marketing campaign, you just need a clear vision on where the online marketing trend is moving toward.  If you don’t have a real estate blog, get one.  It will be the smartest marketing move you’ll ever make.

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