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Have you branded yourself in the Blogosphere?  I’ve seen several realtors continue to do PPC on a daily basis with no ROI.  Branding your name in the Blogosphere is a must and it has to be done fast.  I know that many realtors pay referral fee’s for leads, this is just a way to “not” do that.  Acquiring a lead online is one of the best leads to get.  If you’re serious about your online marketing and truly want to brand your name, call us and we’ll develop a Real Estate Blog that meets your goals and objectives.

We’ve been told that the average salary of a first year realtor in California is 6K.  If that’s true, it makes it increasingly difficult to market yourself as a realtor and brand your name.  I think that you need to have the following to become a successful 1st year realtor:

1. Money saved in the bank or a significant other who makes a lot of money

2. You must have marketing $$$’s to make it, if you don’t times will be hard

3. Knowledge of what works and what doesn’t

4. A Real Estate Blog that works for you.

The general misconception around blogging is that anyone can start a blog, which is true.  But you must have a gameplan and know how to get your articles in front of eyes.  When this is done the right way it can be the best marketing investment you’ll ever make.  So if you’re a first year realtor and want to make it to the second year, I highly recommend that you get a real estate blog.

If someone is looking to buy or sell real estate the first place the vast majority of them will turn to for information is Yahoo, Google, AOL or MSN. Most real estate professionals may not appreciate the sheer volume of traffic that is available in their area. In a medium sized city in the US, focusing only on four “search terms” there are  350,000 searches a month.  These are people who are actively looking for a very specific solution online. The sites they will buy from are in the top half of the first page of search engine results.

Is your site in the first page of search results? Real Estate Blog Marketing is the most cost effective way of getting in front of your online market.

The San Diego market which has been one of the hottest in recent years is starting to slow down.  Existing-home unit sales in San Diego County fell 38.9 percent in June 2006 compared to June 2005, while the average sales price dropped 4.6 percent and the median sales price dipped 5.2 percent in June 2006 compared to June 2005.  Have we seen the end of the real estate burst?  That remains to be seen. We should atleast move into a buyers market which should be great news for realtors that have had listings on the market for a long period of time.

Are you are a real estate agent that relies on Google, Yahoo and MSN’s Pay Per Click campaign to generate leads? Expect your monthly budget to increase. Here’s what the experts are predicting for you Pay Per Click addicts..

If you have been using this medium for some time then you are probably aware of this trend. Pay each month on a per click basis and hope that 5% of those clicks convert into good leads. Or perhaps a seller contacts you to list their home. If you want internet searchers to find your website you have to either optimize your website for natural positioning or pay Google and Yahoo’s per click. You are essentially Basically RENTING a space online instead of owning.
Another option is Real Estate Blog Marketing. Often referred to as “individual” or “team” marketing. By strategically targeting specific keywords and phrases you can write short articles related to those keywords and generate organic positioning instead of paying per click. Learn how other Real Estate agents across the country are decreasing their monthly PPC budgets. Learn how these same realtors are gaining leads from organic positioning with the addition of a Real Estate Blog. See their testimonials…..
Spend more with Pay Per Click (RENT advertising) or gain free traffic with Real Estate Blog Marketing….how much should you budget if you chose to continue using PPC?

What is a blog?  Well it can be summed up as an online journal that discusses many topics.  The Break out of blog search engines are everywhere and each blog search engine has a following of thousands of readers that are loyal and visit blog engines on a daily basis.  Major search engines must keep up because they will lose traffic over time.  With google launching their Blog Engine it appears that the search engine giants have awakened.  It’s crucially important that you have a blog but it’s even more important that your market it the right way.  Don’t waste your time if you don’t know what you’re doing, ask us.

Realtors Using Pay Per Click! Can Your Team Write 3 Short Articles A Week Instead?

Pretty simple for those that can. Here are your options as you analyze your current and 2007online marketing campaigns. If you are like most real estate agents you get paid from commissions earned by working with buyers and sellers. 80% of those buyers and sellers look for information online when trying to find you. How many of them can you or your competition reach with 3 articles a week?

In order for buyers and sellers to find your website when they search the internet for
real estate in your area, you only have a few options to consider.

Search Engine Optimization that you do internally or outsourced.
Pay Per Click with Google and Yahoo – for real estate agents that’s like paying your buyers more or less than your competition to show them your properties? If you choose to do that you know how expsensive it is to gain qualified leads on a continuous basis.

Your other option is Real Estate Blog Marketing with Triangle Direct. If 80% of buyers and sellers search for information online would you and/or your team like to help them find what they are searching for. Ever heard of “Individual / Team Marketing”. How about Real Estate Blog Marketing?

The BLOGOSPHERE contains over 100 million worldwide bloggers. This is a huge audience
of buyers and sellers that read articles related to real estate services in your area. Need more leads?

By the way, Search Engines reward websites with blogs. Only if – they are setup properly, and some more than others. A professoinaly set up blog marketing campaign can be the single most effective marketing campaign a real estate agent has ever used.

How much will it cost you over the next 6 months to 3 years by using Pay Per Click?

Mortgage rates continue to rise and the days of the 5.25 interest rate are gone, atleast for now.  The following rates are national averages according to

New York – 6.84 percent with 0.22 point

Los Angeles – 6.91 percent with 0.51 point

Chicago – 7.02 percent with 0.03 point

San Francisco – 6.95 percent with 0.27 point

Philadelphia – 6.77 percent with 0.31 point

Detroit – 6.95 percent with 0.01 point

Boston – 6.88 percent with 0.06 point

Houston – 6.96 percent with 0.4 point

Dallas – 6.89 percent with 0.49 point

Washington, D.C. – 6.7 percent with 0.66 point

Are Interest only loans still attractive?  You won’t build equity into your home and you’ll have to rely on consistent appreciation to make a considerable investment worthwhile.

According to a Press Release monday that reported that reported a survey of corporate bloggers and asked them if they are accomplishing their goals with their blogs, blogs and blog marketing is very succesful.
A few examples:
“The survey, which polled persons responsible for maintaining or monitoring blogs within their company, showed several notable findings including:
* The majority of companies surveyed (76 percent)indicated that they
have noticed an increase in media attention and/or website traffic as
a result of their blog(s);

75 percent of respondents reported that the initial goals of their

blogs have been met;

42 percent of respondents said that specific blog posts have affected

the company or a brand and in the vast majority of cases it has had a

positive affect; ”
This was a survey across many different types of businesses with diverse goals, and the overall success was very high. Many of these business probably had goals that are much more complex than the average real estate agent, the goal of any good real estate blog marketing campaign is to generate buyer and seller leads. The success rate among Real Estate Agents with a professional blogmarketing campaign will be significantly higher.

Sotheby’s plans to grow their international franchise into 16 additional countries. They currently have over 325 offices in 18 different countries. More info here.

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