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When we started our company back in March of 2006, most of our time was devoted to helping and teaching real estate agents how to blog. The time factor was always an issue because most realtors work all the time. If you have a half hour per week to devote to “attracting” potential buyers or home seekers there truly is no other way to market yourself. I had one realtor that wanted to be ranked on the search engines for a particular subdivision. This was a pre-construction subdivision with homes starting at 700K on up. We taught her how to blog about it…”hey, I can’t reveal our secrets in this article” and she secured 2 lots that totaled over 2 million dollars. She wrote two articles on the subdivision and a couple of buyers did a search after driving buy and found her blog articles. So if you’re a real estate agent and claim you don’t have time, I suggest that you try harder. Your commission depends on it.

I was going to do another article about what realtors can write about in their real estate blogs, instead I ran across a nice blog from a real estate agent in Wake Forest North Carolina. This Wake Forest NC Realtor has a blog that has a nice variety of articles covering many topics of interest to someone looking for homes or property in Wake Forest.

One of the areas in the country that seemed immune to fluctuations in home sales is finally being affected by the recent slowdown. The bay area in Northern California saw decreases in sales of 20% in August. The same thing is going on there as is happening throughout the country. Sellers are offering homes at unrealistic prices and trying to cash out at the peak of the market. Buyers, on the other hand are adopting a wait and see strategy. They will no longer jump on any available property unless they are looking at a realistic asking price.

The question this poses for local realtors is how to find those buyers, and how to provide exceptional service in helping buyers find a property at the right price? Buyers are able to pick and choose and do more research. This applies to the home they are looking to buy, but also to the realtor they are looking to work with. It is the realtor who embraces new marketing avenues like realtor blogs, RSS and Podcasting who will get the business.

We get asked often “what should I write about in my blog? ” and “Where would I get Ideas ?” Below is what anyone in any area might write about in their real estate blog. Any event that is an added value to living in that particular region, city, state etc…is a valid blog post. Real Estate Blog marketing is about sales and marketing, and part of sales and marketing is showing off the reasons a consumer would want to work with you, or buy your product… Below is one reason you might want to buy a house in Cary North Carolina, or in Regency Park in Cary North Carolina. Just one of many reasons that Cary Real Estate is some of the most sought after real estate in the Triangle area of North Carolina.

Pops In the Park in Cary North Carolina

An annual event in Cary North Carlina, Pops in the park features the North Carolina Symphony and finishes off the night with an impressive firewoks show over the lake at Regency park. Regency Park in addition to being the home of the Cary Amphitheater is also is one of the many nice neighborhoods in Cary.

Cary North Carolin

Pops in the park happens once a year and is free to all. It’s a relaxing evening listening to the NC Symphony Free of Charge.

Cary Living at its best.

Real estate agents that go the extra mile for their clients should write about it. Here’s the thing….most real estate agent’s websites are the same. They list all of their credentials, showcase their awards but never display the hard work they put into earning them.

Real estate blog marketing gives agents the opportunity to tell their story. Agents can tell their prospects just how they have achieved what they have achieved over the years. Simply listing credentials and awards doesn’t cut it for todays knowledgeable internet searcher. With all the information they need to make a decision at their fingertips don’t miss the chance to showcase just what you can do for them.

If you aren’t telling your story online how are buyers and sellers supposed to know about your hard work ethic? Showcase your work ethic with your real estate blog and earn more business!

I was talking with a client today who had a for sale by owner website. He was talking about how the new buyers market would really have no impact on his customer base. Buyers would be less inclined to use a broker, and more inclined to list their properties on his site. Sellers are the opposite.

Real estate marketing professionals, on the other hand have to be more creative in attracting a shrinking amount of buyers. Traditional methods of word of mouth and referral have to be augmented by a strong presence online. A real Estate blog is the most effective way for a realtor to increase awareness of their brand online, increase listings and grow market share. Realtor blogs are popping up all over the internet, a trend that will continue to strengthen over time.

I just received a call from one of our realtor clients and she informed me on how much her blog is helping her online.  She said, I don’t know what you did to the blog but I’m getting calls everyday about buying and listing properties.  We make sure that all of our clients are set up to be successful on day 1.  It’s up to our clients to write and us to train them.  Don’t waste your time thinking that you can get this type of service on your own, you can’t.  Real Estate Blog Marketing is building everyday. If you care about leads, online visibility or branding your name in the blogosphere, contact one of our representatives today.

Houston is the largest city in Texas and fourth largest city in United States. Several major oil companies and aeronautics industries have set up their base here. This has made it the economic hub of gulf coast region. Texas also boasts of hosting several cultural events.

Demand for real estate scenario depends on the condition of local industries and economy. If various industries do well, then real estate prices go up and so is the case with Houston with its flourishing industries.

Real estate scenario in Houston is picking up and many builders are developing many new residential housing projects. Different types of residential properties such as apartment flats, row houses and independent bungalows are available for customers to choose from. Customers will be able to choose appropriate home of their dreams from this wide range, depending on choice of location and budget. Some builders have been in construction business for decades and have the credit of having built some classic structures in the yesteryears. They have developed perfect understanding of needs and requirements of home seekers. Builders have structured their plans accordingly, to incorporate necessary changes.

Real estate market comprises of various professionals such as real estate homebuilders, new home developers, real estates agents, and brokers. They all work together to provide appropriate professional services to different homebuyers. Customers are advised to study floor plans and flat location before selecting one.

Real estate prices are expected to rise as a result of considerable growth of the city. Thus it is essential for prospective homebuyers to study the real estate market very carefully before deciding to buy a house. Various magazines, journals and periodicals as well as real estate websites provide specific information for the benefit of customers. It is advisable for them go through these channels for better knowledge of the market.

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Virginia is seeing an immigration explosion.  It seems that Virginia is becoming an increasingly popular place to live.  Foreign born population grew 27% from 2000 to 2005.  Virginia now has an estimated 723,000 + immigrants.  Jobs, affordable housing, support programs offered by the state and a general sense of welcome are powerful incentives for immigrants seeking a better life.  How many Virginia Realtors serviced the 723,000+ immigrants in finding a place to live?  Virginia Real Estate Blogs

I talked with a client the other day, who had an interesting perspective on the way he was going to use his real estate blog. He was not all that concerned about the rankings part of the equation, as he knew that would just happen as a matter of course.
What was of more interest to him was the use of the comments section on his blog for feedback from clients. He was planning on inviting feedback from clients about their opinions of the Raleigh area, and the things they had experienced when buying a house, or looking at properties in North Carolina. He will publish those articles, and then invite people to comment. This opens up a whole new dimention to the blog that most people don’t really think about, and that is the blog as an online community. If there is a dialogue about the area, people who are relocating to Raleigh will find it interesting, subscribe to the blog and have a pretty high opinion of the realtor. Just another of the many upsides of blog marketing.

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