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One of the things that a lot of realtors tell us is that they don’t think they will have enough things to write about in their real estate blogs, and worry where the content is going to come from. Realtors are actually very lucky in regards to writing, as they can write about anything to do with their area.

Our real estate blogs help realtors get more business, but they can also be a great source of local information. If a new school goes up; a new road is built; a grocery chain opens up a new store; a local sports team brings noteriety to a city;  all of these events will provide good content for the realtor blog. All our clients need to do is pick up the local paper, see what’s going on and start writing.

The California Real estate market has taken a hit recently in home sales.  It’s probably because the home pricing is so high but thats a whole other subject for another post.  I have a client in the Pasadena Real Estate Market who gives a weekly mortgage update and posts numerous home listings.  The agent is ranked everywhere and has tremedous visibility in the blogosphere.  You don’t have to spend 20K to produce a solid online marketing campaign, you just need a clear vision on where the online marketing trend is moving toward.  If you don’t have a real estate blog, get one.  It will be the smartest marketing move you’ll ever make.

A lot of clients I talk with are very concerned about the comments section in their real estate blogs. The main worry seems to be about competitors posting negative comments, and people using the comments section to add unwanted links and spam. In reality the comments section can be used in a very constructive way.

The way we set up our blogs, clients have the ability to moderate any comments that people leave. They go into a queue and must pass moderation before they can be published. That gives the realtor blog owner the ability to snuff out any spam or unwanted comments. We have a couple of realtors who have sold houses following up on comments, so they can be a valuable lead source. They are also a great source for client feedback. If you write about the area, or express an opinion and one of your readers disagrees, or offers insight of their own that can be very valuable information. Major corporations spend millions of dollars on focus groups and studies trying to look inside the minds of their clients. A blog enables you to do it for free.

Have you branded yourself in the Blogosphere?  I’ve seen several realtors continue to do PPC on a daily basis with no ROI.  Branding your name in the Blogosphere is a must and it has to be done fast.  I know that many realtors pay referral fee’s for leads, this is just a way to “not” do that.  Acquiring a lead online is one of the best leads to get.  If you’re serious about your online marketing and truly want to brand your name, call us and we’ll develop a Real Estate Blog that meets your goals and objectives.

Most companies will tell you that branding is an essential part of the marketing mix. Target is an example of a retailer I have always thought did an excellent job in branding their logo. When it comes down to real estate marketing, branding is incredibly important but often ignored. Companies that are able to brand themselves as the local experts, or just have a face or an attitude that people recognize, are able to easily increase their business.

If you have your company branded in print, tv radio and online you may think you have it covered, but what about the blogosphere? Do you have a brand in the fastest growing segment of the internet? Do the 100 million or so blog readers recognize your brand?

If they don’t then you are missing a tremendous opportunity to gain a competitive edge.

I once had a conversation with a real estate marketing professional who spent $30,000 one month on Google adwords because his SEO company told him it would help with natural search rankings. Another client was told that all you had to do was stuff as many keywords as possible into your metatags and you would magically be ranked on search engines. We’ve all heard it before. Some company has proprietary software that can Influence Yahoo and Google to put you on the first page of search results and explode your business.

The truth is, all you need for real estate marketing is a blog. It is crucial though, that it be set up properly, and that your writing is having the greatest possible effect on your business. Let Real Estate Blog Marketing will provide you with all the tools you need for your real estate blog to be successful.

We’ve been told that the average salary of a first year realtor in California is 6K.  If that’s true, it makes it increasingly difficult to market yourself as a realtor and brand your name.  I think that you need to have the following to become a successful 1st year realtor:

1. Money saved in the bank or a significant other who makes a lot of money

2. You must have marketing $$$’s to make it, if you don’t times will be hard

3. Knowledge of what works and what doesn’t

4. A Real Estate Blog that works for you.

The general misconception around blogging is that anyone can start a blog, which is true.  But you must have a gameplan and know how to get your articles in front of eyes.  When this is done the right way it can be the best marketing investment you’ll ever make.  So if you’re a first year realtor and want to make it to the second year, I highly recommend that you get a real estate blog.

I have been seeing an increase in realtors using news feeds for the purpose of real estate marketing. The information comes from a news source, the most popular being Inman, and is presented on the website as an indication of how current or up to date the realtor is. It is certainly a nice feature, but the benefit for search marketing and search engines is debatable.

One thing that is not debatable is the effect that a realtor blog will have on search rankkings. Every one of our Real Estate Blog Marketing clients who writes regularly is seeing increases in search engine rankings and traffic.

I read an article recently talking about how mass emails and newsletters are being intercepted by spam filters before they even make it into a prospect’s inbox. It seems like this once highly successful form of marketing is on the way out and, I for one am happy about it’s demise. My inbox is bombarded with emails that don’t even make any sense, all aimed at getting me to buy some dodgy stock or cut price diamonds. I have no choice but to filter out these messages…along with your valuable real estate marketing message.

Real Estate Blog Marketing provides realtors with an alternative. Your prospects can subscribe to your blog and receive your information, insights or marketing messages whenever you write. This is the new way to market your company, without being intrusive or annoying your customers.

If someone is looking to buy or sell real estate the first place the vast majority of them will turn to for information is Yahoo, Google, AOL or MSN. Most real estate professionals may not appreciate the sheer volume of traffic that is available in their area. In a medium sized city in the US, focusing only on four “search terms” there are  350,000 searches a month.  These are people who are actively looking for a very specific solution online. The sites they will buy from are in the top half of the first page of search engine results.

Is your site in the first page of search results? Real Estate Blog Marketing is the most cost effective way of getting in front of your online market.

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