Social Media

The Real Estate market has been seeing an increase in supply with a decrease in demand, making the business more and more competitive. While the economy is down, agents need to focus on marketing themselves rather than their properties. It is important for agents to use this time to maintain a connection with their clients and community, as many are not currently looking to buy. Fortunately, social media marketing strategies help real estate agents effectively communicate with their network and gain a high-touch competitive advantage. By having an active online presence you are automatically having a foot forward compared to your competition. They say that “location, location, location” is important when finding that perfect property to call your next home, well location is just as important on the Internet and in a local online market. CNET News reported the time that people spend on social networking sites is up 83% from a year ago.  By having an absence in social networks, you miss out on new opportunities and potential leads for now and in the future.

By using blogs and niche social networking sites, agents can actively communicate back and forth about key topics in their industry and local markets.  Not only will this give your name more prominence to a larger number of connections, but it will also create a sense of trust and credibility  for current and potential clients. This is an easy way to share information, history, and your expertise about the areas in your market, homes you sell, or even common FAQ’s of customers.  Don’t be afraid to talk about yourself either.  Putting a personal touch in every post and keeping it in a conversational tone, rather than your business lingo, is important. Introduce yourself in these networks and talk about how you became a real estate agent, or even what your other passions are. There is no better time than now to be online promoting yourself and your business. Use this opportunity to engage your readers on a personal level and build a sense of reliance so that when they do want to buy a new home they’ll remember you, just as other Triangle Direct Media clients do.

In follow up from a previous post on how Twitter trends are tapping into real estate, I gathered more useful information for real estate agents due to inspiration from Mark’s comment. As discussed, Twitter is evidently useful and beneficial to the real estate industry. A new, free Twitter application, called TweetLister, allows you to create, post, manage, and schedule commercial, residential, and vacation listings on Twitter. Real estate agents and owners can even track the clicks on their listings. Once viewing tracked clicks, you can then download and print the clicks for each listing for reference. TweetLister provides a detail page for each listing giving the viewer more information that can link them through to your site, as well as providing a contact form so that anyone interested.

From selling properties to renting and leasing, TweetLister provides a simple and handy way to manage all of your listings at once. Allowing you to post and re-use as many listings as desired, TweetLister permits you the ability to schedule frequency of posting a certain listing for a set period of time or even daily until your listing sells. If you have Twitter already, you can use your existing account to get started. TweetLister is just another new media marketing tool that has remarkable potential to benefit real estate companies.