I just had a great conversation with some of the folks at Southwire, makers of the new patented FlatWire Ready wiring for home entertainment systems and flat speaker wire . I mentioned that this wire is available for speaker wire and electrical wire. I should mention that while this application is available for electrical wiring, it is currently only approved for low voltage wall sconces. Fortunately, you can find these beautiful and easy to install wall sconces at

Stay tuned for more updates from the Builders Show and real estate blog marketing . I am hoping to run another series of articles on green building initiatives and new products for home owners.

Robert Sexton and Fred Martin

OK…I’ll be the first to admit, I find many things exciting and I am easily impressed. However I know I am the exception rather than the rule. So when I saw the throngs of people gathered around the Southwire exhibit at the International Builders Show, I assumed they must have scantily clad women manning the booth ……wrong! ( Not that there is anything wrong with that!)

The show stopper turned out to be a recent product innovation called FlatWire. Originally developed by Robert Sexton for his company DeCorp , Flatwire is a patented paper thin wire. Unlike round wire, Flatwire is wide and thin allowing safe and easy installation under carpet, tile, wallpaper and paint. Flatwire installs right on wall surfaces and becomes virtually invisible under compound and paint.

Since Flatwire is available for speaker wire as well as electrical wire, the applications are endless. Whether you need cable for home theaters , installing surround sound or wiring a garage makeover , FlatWire Technology by Southwire makes it a snap!