July 2006

Are you are a real estate agent that relies on Google, Yahoo and MSN’s Pay Per Click campaign to generate leads? Expect your monthly budget to increase. Here’s what the experts are predicting for you Pay Per Click addicts..

If you have been using this medium for some time then you are probably aware of this trend. Pay each month on a per click basis and hope that 5% of those clicks convert into good leads. Or perhaps a seller contacts you to list their home. If you want internet searchers to find your website you have to either optimize your website for natural positioning or pay Google and Yahoo’s per click. You are essentially Basically RENTING a space online instead of owning.
Another option is Real Estate Blog Marketing. Often referred to as “individual” or “team” marketing. By strategically targeting specific keywords and phrases you can write short articles related to those keywords and generate organic positioning instead of paying per click. Learn how other Real Estate agents across the country are decreasing their monthly PPC budgets. Learn how these same realtors are gaining leads from organic positioning with the addition of a Real Estate Blog. See their testimonials…..
Spend more with Pay Per Click (RENT advertising) or gain free traffic with Real Estate Blog Marketing….how much should you budget if you chose to continue using PPC?

As a real estate agent is marketing online one thing for them to pay attention to is what to target when designing an online campaign. You may think ” I need to positioned for ____Real Estate” because that is what you search for but the reality is your target audience is searching for every scrap of information about the area, the home prices, the neighborhoods, the schools, and even the census data of where they want to move. As a Real Estate Agent you need to be found for as many search terms as possible,and provide relevant information about those searches. Don’t neglect to pay attention to keywords that people are searching for as they actually get closer to the buying phase of research, or the phase where they may need a real estate professional to offer answers to questions… that may mean terms like “Wake County School information” or “Relocation to Chapel Hill ” or it could ” Southern Village Homes For Sale” if they like that neighborhood. Ensuring that your website and your blog is found as much as possible only solidifies that you will be the one that gets a new client or a new listing.

Will you make more money selling your home by yourself? Yes. Is it more difficult to sell a home by yourself? Yes.  To me, it’s not worth the time or aggrevation in selling a home without a realtor.  Real Estate agents have your best interest in mind.  According to this survey by the FSBO Atlanta is leading the charge with FSBO listings as well as other large cities.  I’d much rather instill my trust in a realtor than make a quick extra buck.  It will always come back to haunt you.

Opportunity cost is defined as the cost of making a decision to follow a particular course of action. This cost does not need to be financial, it can also take the form of time spent on an activity. One of the things that people say to me when I talk about real estate blog marketing is “I don’t need your services because I can build a blog” or “My webmaster can build me a blog”. That is absolutely correct. ANYONE can build a blog. I can go to MySpace or Blogger and put up a blog for free. The question is “how do you use blog marketing you help your main site generate more business?”, and that is where opportunity cost comes in.

What is the opportunity cost to you of experimenting with your own blogs? Your cost will consist of a few different components; time spent writing with no return; time spent experimenting with different layouts and platforms; time spent on message boards looking for information on the intricacies of blogging. The biggest cost though is lost business. Blog Marketing is becoming an essential business tool for realtors, who are adopting this form of promotion in increasing numbers. Early adopters see this as a window of opportunity, and realtors who start blogging correctly now will be very difficult to catch.

Our programs are successful due to our 20+ years of search experience, and a year of extensive test marketing. Real Estate Marketers can hire us for a fixed fee and have a proven success, or they can pay an unknown amount in opportunity cost.

What is a blog?  Well it can be summed up as an online journal that discusses many topics.  The Break out of blog search engines are everywhere and each blog search engine has a following of thousands of readers that are loyal and visit blog engines on a daily basis.  Major search engines must keep up because they will lose traffic over time.  With google launching their Blog Engine it appears that the search engine giants have awakened.  It’s crucially important that you have a blog but it’s even more important that your market it the right way.  Don’t waste your time if you don’t know what you’re doing, ask us.

One of the applications that is growing in popularity amongst our clients is the practice of podcasting. A podcast is basically an audio or video piece that is attached to a blog post. Our team helps clients with set up and training, and many realtors are cancelling their virtual tour services in favor of taking their own video of listings. The future of real estate marketing is in “permission” or “pull marketing” through blog subscriptions. Real Estate Blog Marketing makes it easy for realtors to market to new clients.

Once again Zillow has a cool new tool called zillow mobile for consumers and realtors alike when you are out you can simply ” just send an email or text-message to z@labs.zillow.com. Include the address with the city and state or zip (i.e. 123 main st seattle wa or 123 main st 98101), and you’ll get a reply almost instantly with the Zestimate and basic home facts”

Mobile Real Estate InformationThey remind us that its a beta project but if you are out and looking at houses, and you want to know what the value of home is try it out.

Realtors Using Pay Per Click! Can Your Team Write 3 Short Articles A Week Instead?

Pretty simple for those that can. Here are your options as you analyze your current and 2007online marketing campaigns. If you are like most real estate agents you get paid from commissions earned by working with buyers and sellers. 80% of those buyers and sellers look for information online when trying to find you. How many of them can you or your competition reach with 3 articles a week?

In order for buyers and sellers to find your website when they search the internet for
real estate in your area, you only have a few options to consider.

Search Engine Optimization that you do internally or outsourced.
Pay Per Click with Google and Yahoo – for real estate agents that’s like paying your buyers more or less than your competition to show them your properties? If you choose to do that you know how expsensive it is to gain qualified leads on a continuous basis.

Your other option is Real Estate Blog Marketing with Triangle Direct. If 80% of buyers and sellers search for information online would you and/or your team like to help them find what they are searching for. Ever heard of “Individual / Team Marketing”. How about Real Estate Blog Marketing?

The BLOGOSPHERE contains over 100 million worldwide bloggers. This is a huge audience
of buyers and sellers that read articles related to real estate services in your area. Need more leads?

By the way, Search Engines reward websites with blogs. Only if – they are setup properly, and some more than others. A professoinaly set up blog marketing campaign can be the single most effective marketing campaign a real estate agent has ever used.

How much will it cost you over the next 6 months to 3 years by using Pay Per Click?

The advent of blogs and blogging is an information revolution. It is estimated that a new blog is started every minute somewhere in the world. Blogs give people the means to publish their thoughts or information about their companies in a very cost effective and efficient way. MySpace and Blogger have made online publishing available to a wider audience than ever before. Soon, everyone online will have their own space online, and it will be in the form of a blog.

How does this affect realtors and real estate marketing? The implications are very clear..

*If you don’t have a blog you don’t have access to the 50 million people that read them this year, the 200 million people who read them next year and so on. The blogosphere doubles in size every six months.
*All of your competitors will have blogs. They will use their blogs as a platform to deliver their marketing messages to clients, tell the world how qualified they are, and establish themselves as authorities for what they do. The search engines will recognize them as sources of relevant information and rank their websites on the first page of search results. Realtors with blogs will dominate the online market.

*Permission marketing, RSS and subscriptions to blogs are increasing exponentially. The old methods of spam emails will die. If you do not have a blog, you do not have access to this form of marketing.

Blog marketing is here to stay. As always, it is the early adapters who will see the greatest gains.

I just saw a press release where a company was touting an “online forum to facilitate article exchanges among owners of real estate websites.” This sounds like a very bad idea.

Search Engines generally do not like duplicate content and “exchanging articles” sounds like something you should avoid. Generating new unique content is definately a good thing. However, copying or “exchanging an article” with another realtor would not be something we would reccomend.

There are many sources for ideas for articles and it is not a bad idea to quote some, and paraphrase some, but always give credit to the original writer or source, but never copy content unless quoting.

Our Real Estate Blog Marketing Programs have proven success for many clients and achieve new leads, new listings, sales, and increased search traffic for every client.

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