August 2006

Everyone has a story about how much of a pain it is to put together a website. Production delays, design issues, control issues, the basic functionality of the site; the list is endless. There are some good templates out there for real estate professionals, but for the most part getting a new site is a laborious and painful process.

In actuality, you don’t need a website. All you need is a real estate blog. The price point is low, and our company can deliver in a reasonable time frame. You get all the benefits of the blog; search rankings, podcasting, RSS, subscriptions without the high cost or hassle of having a website. We also add additional contact and information pages, profile pages, local resources, and can set up the blog/site so that you can import your mls listings.

So if you are thinking about a new site or a facelift for your old site, don’t use old technology. Use a blog. Blogs are the future of real estate marketing.

Real estate agents that go the extra mile for their clients should write about it. Here’s the thing….most real estate agent’s websites are the same. They list all of their credentials, showcase their awards but never display the hard work they put into earning them.

Real estate blog marketing gives agents the opportunity to tell their story. Agents can tell their prospects just how they have achieved what they have achieved over the years. Simply listing credentials and awards doesn’t cut it for todays knowledgeable internet searcher. With all the information they need to make a decision at their fingertips don’t miss the chance to showcase just what you can do for them.

If you aren’t telling your story online how are buyers and sellers supposed to know about your hard work ethic? Showcase your work ethic with your real estate blog and earn more business!

One of things that often surprises me is the level of support provided to smaller realtors by their real estate firms. The big firms will supply the realtor with a few pages within the main website and some print marketing materials, and that’s about it. In the cut-throat world of real estate, most agents generally struggle in their first couple of years, before they establish themselves and their brand.

With the advent of blog marketing though, the playing field is just about to get a little more even, and the tide is turning in favor of the “little guy”. The business blog gives realtors the ability to self publish and promote themselves in a very targeted and focused way. If a realtor wants to be the expert for a particular subdivision, all they need to do is write. With our real estate blogging platform, they will be the expert in a very short time frame. For a very low price point, real estate professionals now have the weapons to use against their bigger competitors, and many of these so called “little guys” are quietly taking business from bigger firms.

Yahoo Investing in real estate

Yahoo has revamped its Online Real Estate Marketing space. Deals with Zillow, Increased emphasis on real estate on Yahoo Answers, and more integration with their search network including a deal we know of with Prudential and new ad categories for local real estate listings. Yahoo must think that consumers are spending a lot of time looking for real estate information….there will be some value in pursuing a campaign with these new offerings by Yahoo. However the real estate consumer audience is much larger in other areas including the blogosphere.

In Real Estate Location is everything: where are you located in the blogosphere?

Paid Ads and PPC while they are effective, are never going to be as effective as a professionaly run real estate blog marketing campaign. People are Getting ads thrown at them everywhere now, and most are sick of it. They want their information not from advertisers, but from trusted sources. You as a real estate agent can be that trusted source. Put yourself out there not with static brochure website with your listings and links and mortgage information(which no one can find) but with a real estate blog. The blogosphere is huge and growing every second.

One of the stats that is often understated when we are discussing our real estate marketing programs with clients is how much traffic is available for those on the first page of search engine results. I think we just assume that the web is a powerful tool and source of business without actually taking a look at the numbers.

If you take a mid sized city like Raleigh as a barometer, there are hundreds of different keyword searches that will lead customers to your website. ” Raleigh real estate”, “Raleigh realtor”, “Raleigh nc relocation” etc.  If you take the top 10 search phrases, there are over 400,000 searches conducted on a monthly basis. That’s a lot of searches, translating into a lot of potential business. If you have a real estate blog, and you write three times a week, you will get your website and eventually your blog in front of these people, establish yourself as the expert and increase your business.

I was talking with a client today who had a for sale by owner website. He was talking about how the new buyers market would really have no impact on his customer base. Buyers would be less inclined to use a broker, and more inclined to list their properties on his site. Sellers are the opposite.

Real estate marketing professionals, on the other hand have to be more creative in attracting a shrinking amount of buyers. Traditional methods of word of mouth and referral have to be augmented by a strong presence online. A real Estate blog is the most effective way for a realtor to increase awareness of their brand online, increase listings and grow market share. Realtor blogs are popping up all over the internet, a trend that will continue to strengthen over time.

Has your business slowed down?  Or are things rocking and rolling for you now?  Either way, as a real estate agent in a competitive market, leads are what make you money.  Without them you earn no commission.

A quality lead is a hot prospect.  They know what they want, they know what they can afford, they know about the local schools and how far they want to live from them.  They are those that are relocating and have done all the research they need before calling you for your services.  They are a referal from a previous client that was pleased with how you helped them.  Bottom line is, your commission depends on those buyers and sellers that contact you.  Do you seek undecisive buyers and sellers or educated buyers and sellers?

As you know, 80% of buyers and sellers begin their research on the internet.  They seek information to help them make decisions.  The more information they retrieve the more educated they become.  Real Estate Blogs are the most effective way to reach and educate your prospects before you begin closing their deal.  Don’t neglect to taking a proactive approach to answering their simple questions instead of spending face to face time doing so.  The more educated your prospects are the easier they are to work with.

It seems that July was not a good month for the US housing market. Sales of existing homes hit a two year low, and the number of homes on the market hit a thirteen year high.

So what does this all mean for realtors and their real estate marketing plans? Well, realtors will certainly have to do more marketing to get in front of the available buyers. They will also have to be more creative, and tap into previously untouched markets.

That is why blog marketing makes more sense than ever. Call us and see how you can make our real estate blogs work for you.

In looking at the real estate market every day, it is immediately apparent that there are a wide variety of real estate marketing companies looking for realtors’ business. In the online arena you can spend your advertising dollars on SEO, paid search, affiliate marketing, mass emails, real estate directories, websites and portals…the list is almost endless.

The simple truth is you don’t need any of them. All you need is a professionally designed and business oriented blog. It may sound too good to be true, but our clients find that simply setting up a blog with Real Estate Blog Marketing, and writing about their city is all the marketing they need. So join the blogging revolution, start writing and increase your business.

Real Estate Agents in Illinois you are in one of the hottest real estate areas in the country especially if you are the Chicago Area, Naperville was recently voted as one of the Top 5 Places to live in U.S. Blog Marketing is being talked about by everyone.

Real Estate Blogs are dropping in on a golden parachutes for any real estate agent that would like to reach out and take advantage.

  • High Volume Of Traffic 54 million blog readers
  • High Quality Readers we have more than one agent tell us that the leads they get are some of the best and easiest to work they have ever gotten
  • High Visibility a Real Estate Blog Marketing BLog helps clients positions on the major Search Engines

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