January 2007

What would you do with 77 Sq Ft?  Apparently, you have enough room for a shower, hot plate, sink, and bed.  I’ve heard of location, location, location many times from realtors but how can you live full time in 77 Sq. Ft?  The place also has no heating or AC.  Sounds like a place I’d like to spend the rest of my life!


Just wanted to say congrats to the Poling Team, their Raleigh Real Estate Blog was featured on a CNBC segment about the way many realtors are now using the internet to sell homes and generate buyer leads. The Poling Team put a Podcast on their blog, and also at our urging put it on You Tube… Not only has it garnered them traffic and leads but it also got them featured on national TV…Thanks To Dave Schebell for the camera work.

Watch Now:
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CNBC recently did a report on the real estate video market and mentioned one of our realtors in their story.  In fact, they displayed the video that we filmed for them and helped them optimize it on youtube.  He’s loaded three video’s in the past three months and 800+ people have viewed these three properties.  How important is that from a competitive stand point?  In recent posts, I mentioned the importance of video search and realtors willing to adapt to this new technology will stand to be more competitive in the market.  Do me a favor and search the video engines for properties in your area and tell me how many real estate agents are using this for a marketing tool.  Chances are, the agents that are using this are in the top 5% in transaction sales.  It just proves that you have to do everything to stay on top or atleast attempt to get there.

Zillow a site We love, has begun to develop an open API to share data on 67 Million Homes.
Zillow I think has one of the coolest interfaces for viewing home values, and with an open API web designers and online real estate marketers  have the ability to incorporate the data and cool graphics into their blog or website making for a cool experience for both buyers and sellers researching online. (78% of consumers start their search online)
Here are a couple examples of it in Use:

At Yahoo:

Real Estate Home Value

Zillow result

Zillow Example Home Value