August 2007

I’m thinking that I’ll be found for the title of my article pretty soon on all search engines. How? By making sure that my blog is optimized and making sure that my content syndicates to news sources and blog sources online. It’s no secret that a good well-thought out blog can lead to many sales leads for realtors. By simply learning the principles that Real Estate Blog Marketing teaches, you’ll be up and running in no time. The more you put in to your blog the more you’ll get out of it. We make it sound simple at times and sometimes it is. If you want to get started with a blog that will help you tap into more real estate leads….contact one of our representatives today.

When we started our company back in March of 2006, most of our time was devoted to helping and teaching real estate agents how to blog. The time factor was always an issue because most realtors work all the time. If you have a half hour per week to devote to “attracting” potential buyers or home seekers there truly is no other way to market yourself. I had one realtor that wanted to be ranked on the search engines for a particular subdivision. This was a pre-construction subdivision with homes starting at 700K on up. We taught her how to blog about it…”hey, I can’t reveal our secrets in this article” and she secured 2 lots that totaled over 2 million dollars. She wrote two articles on the subdivision and a couple of buyers did a search after driving buy and found her blog articles. So if you’re a real estate agent and claim you don’t have time, I suggest that you try harder. Your commission depends on it.