June 2008

One of the keys to generating and sustaining significant amounts of traffic to your real estate marketing blog is to offer readers truly useful and relevant information that goes well beyond simple listings. You have to give first-time visitors to your blog a reason to come back, and you have to continually provide fresh content to keep regular readers interested. It’s a tall order for sure, but not impossible to achieve.

For instance, creating neighborhood profiles is an excellent way to give your readers the useful information they crave. A neighborhood profile presents a broad range of data about certain areas — which can be extremely helpful to prospective home buyers.

A typical profile might include data such as unemployment figures, area job growth rates, education statistics, median age, median property value, population, and even seasonal climate information. You can dress up the presentation of these numbers by putting everything in orderly tables, charts, or colorful graphs, and you can update the figures as needed.

Since this neighborhood profiles will likely be accessed far more than other articles, it would be a good idea to save them as static pages to your blog rather than as regular posts.

As a Realtor®, you probably already have access to this data, so it shouldn’t take long to write up several profiles. If you don’t have any data on hand, you can easily check with a local government office or do a bit of online research. Either way, your efforts should result in more traffic to your site.

If you work in real estate, then the topic of foreclosures probably comes up several times per day. In the current economic climate, there’s just no getting around the fact that people are defaulting on mortgages and losing their homes in record numbers all across the country. The question that savvy real estate blog marketers should be asking themselves is, “How can I capture a share of all the search engine traffic that is being generated by people looking for information about foreclosures?”

The answer is by making your foreclosure posts stand out from the crowd. For instance, you can bet that The Wall Street Journal and other financial newspapers will cover all of the hard data and broad analysis about the foreclosure problem, so folks will likely flock to those sites if they’re merely looking for numbers, percentages, and trends.

Instead, you’ll have much more success by approaching the topic from an angle that your readers would be interested in. (By the way, you do have an idea of who your readers are and what they’re looking for on your site, right? If you followed my advice about studying your blog stats, then the answer to this should be yes!)

Some relevant points you can make would be: telling your readers how to avoid foreclosure altogether; giving your readers advice about how to extricate themselves from a pending foreclosure by working out a repayment plan with the lender; or even how to make a profit by purchasing and reselling foreclosed properties.

It’s not too late to start writing about foreclosures and boost traffic figures for your site, so just come up with an angle that your readers will find compelling and go for it!