November 2008

It’s tough to consistently write interesting posts that will keep readers coming back to your real estate blog day after day, especially when you’re competing with thousands of other blogs in the same niche. A great way to take some of this pressure off yourself is to spend a bit of extra time writing real estate guides that will have a long shelf life and attract new search hits for months — or even years — to come.

Think about it: If you mostly write about current events in the industry or how the real estate market is faring today, chances are people won’t be searching for information on these topics six months from now. Your post might get some hits for a week or two, but then the traffic it generates will eventually trickle down to nothing.

But if you write comprehensive guides covering various aspects of real estate transactions — a Buyer’s Guide, Seller’s Guide, Guide to Mortgages, Foreclosure Guide, Home Inspection Guide — you’re sure to get hits for as long as you maintain your blog. Readers are always interested in useful information like this, so publishing a few good guides will do wonders for your stats and might even result in a few solid leads.

When writing your real estate guides, make sure you provide accurate information, sound advice, and your own unique insight that readers won’t be able to find anywhere else. In addition, be sure to revisit your guides once in a while to make updates or corrections when general practices or industry trends change. Doing so will ensure that you continue to get quality traffic from these posts for longer than you thought possible!

Everyone knows that in order for real estate blog marketing to be successful, you have to provide readers with plenty of fresh content that will keep them coming back for more. But this is obviously easier said than done, and we all go through dry spells where we either don’t have the time or the inspiration to keep posting. Here are some alternative ways to generate fresh content when burnout strikes.

Interview an Expert

Most Realtors regularly cross paths with at least half a dozen experts (loan officers, home inspectors, contractors, electricians, etc.) whose knowledge would be beneficial to readers. Come up with 5 frequently asked questions for one of these experts, call to get their answers, and post the results on your blog.

Arrange for a Guest Writer

If one of your experts has more to say than would fit into a single interview, why not invite them to write an entire post on your real estate marketing blog? Most people would jump at the chance to promote their business for free (and to show off their writing chops), so don’t be shy about asking around.

Hire a Ghostwriter

Use a free advertising service such as Craigslist to find an affordable ghostwriter for your blog. You can then lean on the ghostwriter to come up with content whenever you’re too busy to do it yourself. Yes, this will cost a bit of money, but it’s better than letting your blog die a slow death due to lack of posting.